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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why should I raid? Alts save time - Part 1

"The object is more." -Cap (Style Wars, 1983)
That's a straightforward motto that has stuck with me ever since I heard it 1994.

By playing alts and being casual my goal was to have fun in a different way than I had in the past.  'I don't raid! I play alts to save time!', was something I used to say a lot in TBC. This was the way that I viewed my game time after my semi hardcore raid phase in TBC. I began playing a few months before TBC came out, so I never experienced the 40 mans, which I can imagine were awesome although i've heard many stories about how bad things were.

Ever since I began I had two things very clear; I wanted a lot of gold. No set amount the first year, I just wanted alot of it, cause I had heard that it was important and that it was very hard to earn. And secondly, I wanted to raid in a good guild, but not necessarily the best. I'm competitive, but I hardly ever aim for number one, but being among the top 10 is always nice. My standards of the top vary depending on what i'm doing, but I won't get into it in this post. I won't lie, I was a newbie, and I knew that it would take time before I could raid because I had to learn to play the game. In due time I managed to raid with some nice guilds and enjoyed some very entertaining content with them.

Since I had raided and managed to get some nice kills on the very slow Bronze Dragonflight realm I felt pleased with what I had accomplished. Lady Vashj was killed, but Kael'Thas (my arch nemesis alongside Vashj) lived and the guild would rather progress into newer content than kill the bosses in order due to the level of difficulty with certain encounters. Kael'Thas was a lot harder for us than most bosses in Black Temple. It was time to move on. At least, that's what the guild decided.

The discussion between choosing progress versus doing farm raids for gear as well as gaining some momentum is one that has been going on for ages both in my past guilds and within the raiding community. Gevlon has written posts where the comments have delved into this topic. His plan with The PuG in 4.3 is to progress as fast as possible by focusing on killing progression related bosses. Getting ranked within the top 10k in the world is his goal. I know that i've been more into wiping on bosses until they die rather than killing easier bosses just go get more gear and a lot of it has been connected to the feeling of beating a tough challenge. That probably has a lot to do with my stubbornness. Regardless of how bored i've gotten of the game I can't say that my mentality when it comes to wiping and facing a challenge has changed. But there is a thin line between wiping due to inability from the raiders part and wiping because an encounter requires coordination. The kind of wipes i'm into is where every other wipe is analyzed and takes the raid closer to a successful kill. It's the thrill of teamwork combined with difficulty that moves me. And it's only the bosses where i've wiped a certain amount of times that I feel proud of killing. All others might have had some good mechanics, but they never any memorable kills.

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