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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

WoG Update # 5 - Crashing Computers and Darkmoon Fairies

There have been issues with the synching between the podcast feed and the blog. Today it got fixed. This entry is a good new beginning.

Old computer is not doing well. New computer is probably "The Move". Darkmoon Faire is up and choosing which alts to level in what order matters. At least to me. The 10% buff is best used on alts that can't Heirloom their levels anymore. While the lower alts have their rested XP + Heirlooms and should be fine. Especially since I hardly level at all without rested XP. Rep buffs? I use it on the Emissary world quests and any other quest that I deem worthy.

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Grayz Thoughts | The End of RBGs 2018-10-05

After too many kicks, losses and me just never ever improving. I'm finally calling it quits. It was a short run! Some players should never ever PvP. I'm out for good!

Here's the video explaining why.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Grayz in Battle for Azeroth - Twitter thoughts pt. 3

Here's ideas that I've put up on Twitter that are being tweaked into a blog post.

The idea is simply to share bit sized thoughts about my process while I play the game in a very specific way to meet my evergrowing needs of avoiding more and more time sinks.

The plans for alts has changed a couple of times since the last post for several reasons, but I won't waste too much time explaining why. Most important part is this; I hate the Activision-Blizzard quest system because it gives me zero options that truly interest me. So I level as much as possible outside of their system and enjoy the game so much more because of it.

Here's a breakdown of how I do it.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Grayz in Battle for Azeroth - Twitter thoughts pt. 2

Here's some tweets that I tweeted today about BFA that I'll use to start off a series that I've thought about for years. Probably since WoD.

The idea is simply to share bit sized thoughts about my process while I play the game in a very specific way to meet my evergrowing needs of avoiding more and more time sinks.

The tweets
Alts? The plan was simple 2 days ago: Rush to 120 & sort out two  professions. 2x gathering ofc. 

Now? Rush to 116. Skip Mining altogether. Reach Drustvar. Set HS, begin farming Winter's Kiss. Level Herbalism. Ding 120. Complete all quests and get rich in the process

Grayz in Battle for Azeroth - Twitter thoughts pt. 1

Here's some tweets that I tweeted today about BFA that I'll use to start off a series that I've thought about for years. Probably since WoD.

The idea is simply to share bit sized thoughts about my process while I play the game in a very specific way to meet my evergrowing needs of avoiding more and more time sinks

The tweets
Probably reactivating Engineering on main. Mail box + Looterang feel like a must have combo this xpac. Especially with my playstyle where time saved is the ultimate goal combined with maxxed out fun and speed. That's exactly how I felt in WoD to save time grinding 

Monday, December 25, 2017

WoG Brainstormz - Update # 4 - R.I.P. GrayzBDF Enter Grayztrades

I'm grayztrades on Instagram if you for whatever reason want to know what the hell I'm up to nowadays. This has been a part of my plan all along although I didn't know how I'd do it. So if I do any gaming content in the future at all, it will probably be under extreme circumstances with a set time frame. Basically a hardcore challenge in order to save time and to learn whatever it is I want to learn for my business endeavours from it. I mainly post on Instagram and then share it to Twitter. Merry Christmas and F*ck off! Me too!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Learn How to Make Money Online!

After 6 years of never posting when I should, but rather when I wanted, I've finally learnt "The Secret". So as a part of my "Who I am" reveal go to the horses mouth

Click adds (Cold), buy guides (Jim) and learn how to make money online (Foldberg), like so many other previous WoW (or Gold) bloggers have taught you.

Who me? I'm just payin' my dues riding Tom Cruise in the nude like a brute, dude. Grayz the f*ck out. Money and selling out is all in!

Grayz = A persona @ Kuda Mtema. And now his creator writes about making a shit ton of money on Wordpress.

P.S. If you end up broke just talk to the trio above that taught me about the money making side of blogging. Gevlon is excluded from the money makers cause he's so real he never even had to go the Gold Beggar's route.

P.S.S. Keep it really real and sell out quick!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

WoG Brainstormz - Update # 3 - You Know My Name

Who the eff is Grayz?! It's sell out time, boys! Finally. We made it. Buy my gold making guide and join my Patriots of Patreon. Thanks for my new house. And the boat. It's always been about the boat. - The man behind Grayz (it's all written in Swedish though, so we're all effed tbh)

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

WoG Brainstormz # 37 - Hunter Transfers

Leveling battle pets with the shoulder enchant drops, using tokens for server transfers, making gold on main realm for WoW Tokens, playing the very basic parts of WoW, avoiding active Nethershard farming, preparing for 7.2, farming Order Hall resources with Blood of Sargeras combined with the Wardens shoulder enchant.

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Making Gold for WoW Tokens During My Break?

The past 8 days I've been posting stuff on the AH regularly again. I now have 57 hours left before my 2nd account runs out of game time. But I'm seriously considering selling off whatever product I have that's worth anything until it's all gone. Instead of keeping it and trying to sell it months from now. Which would end up being a complete waste of possible sales with good margins. "Max profit dat shit to the fullest, bro!"

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Diablo Event 2017 - Farming the Treasure Goblin

A post about how I got my stuff in about 2h. I wanted it over and done with so I could return to the other things I was doing out of game. I disabled most Hunter tracking that interfered with my /tar treasure goblin macro that I was spamming. Enable show target on the minimap tracker to see the goblin and reach it as fast as possible.

Here's a macro I never used that was recommended by Zayedx in the comment section
/target Treasure Goblin
/stopmacro [noexists][dead]
/script SetRaidTarget("target",4)
/script PlaySound("ReadyCheck", "master")
/cast [target=target,exists] YOURSPELLHERE

Thursday, December 29, 2016

WoG Brainstormz # 36 - WoW Tokens

"It's time to face Grayz."

Thinking about making Youtube videos with excerpts from the podcast. 

WoW Tokens and my take on them once the balance change goes live, whenever that happens. Pros and cons with buying tokens now compared to post update. Rumors say that it will happen in 7.1.5, but I only trust official sources. Which either means patch notes, once a release date has been released, or when Blizzard's patch notes have an update with the specific update that I'm interested in being a part of each new PTR update. Data mining can be a great source for gold making. Remember the "epic gem patch" in Cataclysm? Suckers!


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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WoG Brainstormz # 35 - Twitchers

Twitch streaming, things I'm learning, streamers and different personalities, regaining energy and hunger. Featuring Stormwinds and Lil' Grayz at the end. 

My Only Chance - The Legend of Warlololock (Trolling Cdew Into Playing 3s) 
An apology

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

WoG Brainstormz # 34 - The Burning Legion

Merry Christmas!
Note: The wind blows intensely at certain points.
The Burning Legion Grind, content creators quitting, Legion is for the crazies that will keep on playing no matter what, avoid timesinks or burn forever in the fires of the Legion
Update on what I'm up to on Twitch, Youtube, PvP goals, I'm rebranding Grayz the cow to Grayz the Hunter after 5 years, using more seriously than ever to quickly create new logos, thumbnails etc.

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Grayz RBGs - Temple of Kotmogu 1

Merry Christmas 24th Dec, players! It's the Swedish date when we celebrate christmas over here.

Note: We actually did 5 RBGs but the 1st half of the first match, which I had recorded, seems to have been erased. Therefore I began uploading from game number 2.

4th and last RBG game of the evening with my Alliance guild on Outland EU. Notice how the energy drops much faster this game compared to any of the other 3 we had. We could've learned alot from the enemy team this game. Like I wrote last game; There's always a possibility to improve no matter if you win or lose.