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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Diary Post - Grayz's Extreme Poseidus Strategy

I choose an ugly sea horse instead!

I wrote this the 22nd of May 2011.
The reasons that i'm posting it now are:
  1. I killed Poseidus for the second time on New years eve 2012.
  2. It shows bits of my thought process during the craziest rare hunting phase that i've been through to date.
  3. Lastly because I won't delete this post anyway.
Disclaimer! This isn't the most efficient way to farm Poseidus. But it is the strategy that I used, mainly because I was bored of WoW in general.

So let's get it on, shall we? After the break...
My Poseidus farming/camping Strategy 
  • I began searching with my level 85 that had done the Vashj'ir quest chain while leveling. The good thing with the sea horse mount is the extra underwater speed, which is crucial. I added 1-2 characters and later on I had all six of my 80+ toons in Vashj'ir. I rotated those 6 depending on which markets I was into on the Auction House.
  • If I needed to move more than 1 toon from Vashj'ir I made sure that I kept at least 3 toons at Poseidus's spawn points. I logged in and out every now and then. At times i'd idle and go afk, other times I would roam the area looking for other rares. It's faster logging in and out than roaming all four spawn points. In Shimmering Expanse you can probably roam two spawn points faster than logging in and out, depending on amount of addons you use, but I like having my toons posted. It saved me time in the long run, especially since I stopped herbing and mining and just hunted the rares. The biggest reason for me to leave spawn points was to restock for the Auction House and to do the daily transmutes (Volatile Airs unless Truegold was at a good price). Later on I skipped the transmutes altogether because having a few extra 1000's here or there wouldn't make a big enough difference when it came to the quest to reach the 1 million mark.
 I don't know what this means either, but it's a good route! Honest.  
  • I'd rather relog a few times than have a toon online at one spot for hours. By diversifying I was hoping that the law of averages would increase my chance/luck. The first time I killed Poseidus he/she/it/theugly spawned next to my Priest. It was a random log in and I was doing my login rotation. Poseidus spawned within 3 minutes of logging because I remember NPCscan not going off instantly.
Note 24th of January 2012: I still have the first Reins of Poseidus on my Alliance banker @ Bronze Dragonflight on my 2nd account (yes, on my 2nd account that's inactive). Meaning that the price that I tried to sell it for was too high. Someone mailed me and I had my chance to sell him for 75k, but I had stopped playing WoW actively and didn't feel like being on my banker day in and day out waiting for the potential buyer to log on. 
  • I take breaks from Poseidus when I look for other rares and finding them is always a nice feeling. It's actually that part that makes the farming so interesting; There are plenty of soloable rares in Vashj'ir.
  • I can farm herbs, ore or leather depending on which professions my toons have.
'I'm just another happy camper, dude'. 
  • To keep myself entertained I killed the other rares in Shimmering Expanse and Abyssal Depths too. Burgy Blackheart (drops that hat turns you into a gnome that makes you look like him), Lady La-La (drops a BoE trinket, Shok'Sharak drops BoE plate boots. And then there's Captain Florence (Alliance NPC) and Captain Foulwind (Horde NPC). They all give more xp than regular mobs. The last few kills with Burgy and the Alliance captain has given me 77k+ xp, each time.
  • You can kill mobs for xp if you have an alt below level 85. I've just idled unless i've been roaming around spawn points. I'm thinking of getting my tailor to a humanoid infested spawn point so that I can get extra cloth. If I kill or farm a little every time I log in i'll be dinging over and over in no time, but I honestly don't feel like it. Leveling alts is not what i'm here for, i'm here for the gold! The xp just adds to my motivation to farm.
Final note (written 24th of January 2012): BDF was 'gameplay capped'. I was bored to death. I didn't have an urge what so ever to level more alts. I must say that the gold making side of farming rares for gold is debatable. Earning 40k by hunting a rare vs 40k by playing the Auction House leans toward the Auction House winning. Combining them makes me feel like more of a winner, especially if i'm broke and playing on a new realm (Grayz is referring to the 2nd kill here). I wanted a break from the Auction House and hunting was hella fun... at times. Doing the Auction House for an entire expansion got boring, regardless of how much love I had for the gold.

The feeling of being a Gold Crafter!


  1. you killed Poseidus 12 months (9 months now) into the future? Go You!!! :P

  2. That's a great way of looking at it :D