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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Arena experiences during Mists

Do what's in your heart.
And go all in under the circumstances you're in.
As i've said on Twitter; Being hardcore is a lifestyle and as such it requires making hard decisions and being brutally self critical and honest.

When all is said and done for an expansion I dig deeper into other sides of the game. In the past it has involved alot of future expansion speculation, especially with gold making in mind, which over time, has led to a massive amount of bad decisions, 8+ guild banks filled with garbage and alot of wasted gold (i'll dig deeper into this in a later post about professions and materials @ WoD). The end of an expansion has also meant that i've been able to PvP alot because it has been the last season. It's also at that time the best possible honor gear is up for grabs.