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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Learn How to Make Money Online!

After 6 years of never posting when I should, but rather when I wanted, I've finally learnt "The Secret". So as a part of my "Who I am" reveal go to the horses mouth

Click adds (Cold), buy guides (Jim) and learn how to make money online (Foldberg), like so many other previous WoW (or Gold) bloggers have taught you.

Who me? I'm just payin' my dues riding Tom Cruise in the nude like a brute, dude. Grayz the f*ck out. Money and selling out is all in!

Grayz = A persona @ Kuda Mtema. And now his creator writes about making a shit ton of money on Wordpress.

P.S. If you end up broke just talk to the trio above that taught me about the money making side of blogging. Gevlon is excluded from the money makers cause he's so real he never even had to go the Gold Beggar's route.

P.S.S. Keep it really real and sell out quick!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

WoG Brainstormz - Update # 3 - You Know My Name

Who the eff is Grayz?! It's sell out time, boys! Finally. We made it. Buy my gold making guide and join my Patriots of Patreon. Thanks for my new house. And the boat. It's always been about the boat. - The man behind Grayz (it's all written in Swedish though, so we're all effed tbh)

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