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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Farming Poseidus - The 2nd kill (New Years Eve 2012)

  NPCscan has gone off. NPCscan overlay shows the yellow circle that's visible on the minimap.

So I couldn't sleep after New Years Eve and decided to do all kinds of shit. I ran some heroics on one hunter and then decided to go look for Poseidus for the 4th time today on my other. I flew ABOVE the water and NPCscan went off 6.32 am) and I killed her/him/it/theugly for the first time on Agamaggan, but the second time in total. How does it feel? Good. 

Read on about this lovely sea horse after the break... 

I want my gold capital sorted out on Agamaggan, so that I don't have to worry too much about how much I spend. But I also want to struggle to make gold. I love the challenge, and I don't enjoy making more gold when I already feel that I have enough. Gold making is pointless on Bronze Dragonflight where I have so much gold that I just buy whatever I want without blinking.

Poseidus is most likely on a 72 hour spawn timer and this is something that I discuss in Misdirect episode 4, that i'll release before I release this post. The 72 hours spawn timer also means that you need to wait 3 days from whenever your server was reset before you'll find the sea horse. 

Today I bought PvP gear for my Horde druid (Grayz) on BDF and I highly doubt that i'll use that gear before 5.0. I could be wrong though. I also bought some Valor point gear for Thehunted. As soon as I sell Poseidus I'll level Jewelcrafting and thus have it combined with Enchanting on Ally Grayz. Good stuff. I use the same name for multiple toons and that can get confusing. For me it's awesome because I can predict how I'll use my toons across realms as long as I have 3 similar names that I have on other realms. Using the Grayz name has become standard and most of the time it's available. Especially with the Z. I wanted to spell it with an S when I first thought of the handle.
 It takes at least 10 secs before I target and you know what!? I even get attacked by the damn, ugly sea horse. It attacked me!! I was focusing more on screenshots than worrying about any competition.
 Need a program that makes it easier to take screenshots on my Mac. Can't focus on anything else but the photography. Poseidus thinks it's a win just because my Kill shot didn't go off.
'Amfagawddzz! Epic loots! Gief plox!'. It's for sale, dummy! No way that i'll waste all of that gold by using the ugly fucker. No!

 "I'll sleep when i'm dead" -El-p

Here's Misdirect episode 4 once more since it's fresh and pretty damn focused.

Ps. The ugly bastard isn't worth more than 5k max in my humble opinion, but luckily there's people out there with gold that will buy it for much more. Thank you! Now I just hope that some of you actually reside on Agamaggan and are back in-game regardless of hangovers.

If I remember i'll post a screenshot of the sold auction below.

Yup, come Agamaggan and destroy my sales on the AH. I don't care. By naming toons i'm adding to the challenge. By adding to the challenge I eventually evolve into something new; In Pure Manga style muhahah!

Thanks a lot man. Got a screenshot with 1.4k on the realm, including Horde and the 38k in mail. Good sheyt 8===D

 Slaap is going strong with the 65k pricing. I saw the price go down to 55k a few days ago. I hope it sells, it's been up there a couple of weeks. I'd rather sell cheaper and get going instantly, since i've been broke this weekend after the Enchanting burnout. And more importantly since I simply didn't have any gold to play with at all. But I really had fun burning the gold on Enchanting and then making it straight the fuck back with my Broke Back Mountain sea horse, wootay. Also, see ya in Vashj'ir for the Third Poseidus Kill, unless I make too much gold too soon and lose interest completely.

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