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Friday, December 23, 2011

WoW or Gold: Misdirect Episode 4 - Poseidus Special part 2

This was recorded before the 2nd Poseidus kill on New Years Eve!

First off, I have my girlfriend and her kid in the room in this episode and for some reason i'm extremely focused for being me although I have the chance to rant on about all kinds of things. I keep it below 15 minutes and manage to pull off an episode that actually has to do with the title, most of the time. Not bad at all!

WoW or Gold: Misdirect Episode 3 - Poseidus Special Part 1

WoW or Gold: Misdirect Episode 2

This episode is done "off the head" a'la hip hop style, meaning without any pre-written show notes, but in a radio show form. It was recorded since my internet died on a whole fucking metric tons of times on my hairy ass. Waves @Twizzletank for the inspiration! 

I' m also using my rap mic which is way better than the 'Murloc on street corner' shit that  I was using earlier.

WoW or Gold: Misdirect Episode 1

Here's the first episode that was recorded. I'm adding every episode as a blog post to make it easier to find them. I'll add a Misdirect section where every uploaded Youtube episode can be found. 

In this episode I talked about random bullshit with a bullshit mic. Don't have much else to add really. No show notes.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blog for money or blog while making money?

"Yeah, so uhm, i'm gold capped now. Why can't I reinvent the wheel and climb all the way down!?" -Random Gold Capped Goblin (GrayzBDF does NOT see himself as a Goblin btw!)

This post was started before patch 4.3 and my return to WoW. I'm back and i'll be around for another 12 months so just have that in mind, will ya? Sorry for the confusion, but it won't be worse than usual anyways. WoW or Gold is pure confusion!

When I started the blog I was fully focused on using it to improve my gold making in the first place. Beyond that I also saw the gold addiction as a good opportunity to learn principles that would help me make money in real life. Besides doing what I believe in, which I think is the absolute most important thing a human being can do, I strongly believe in developing my financial intelligence.

Read on for Grayz's thoughts on gold making, setting goals and why blogging for money seems like a bad choice after the jump...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Patch 4.3 - Blizzard suddenly returns!?

It's going down, dawg!

This post was updated over a few days, so it's all over the place, but I got what I wanted to say out there. Enjoy patch 4.3!

Before I began writing this post I had sketched on quite a few ideas, but none caught my attention long enough to become a post. I must say that it's hard to keep the story short. What I mean by that is the fact that i've gone from being completely bored of the game to feeling that the game has a fresh feel to it again, which frankly amazes me, to say the least. Why? Transmogrification in combination with 2 of the 3 new dungeons that i've run as well as the Looking for Raid tool which just excites the fuck out of me.

Here are my thoughts on why Patch 4.3 is the best content patch since 2.3 and 2.4 in TBC and ...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Transmogrification - One of Blizzard's best moves in Cataclysm?

Updated pictures since my WoW account has been reactivated.

Epilogue: I could do shorter posts, but fuck it, i'll write as I feel. Easier that way + I suck at following the rules and I write for my own enjoyment. Let's get things into gear shall we?

Read this while listening to the Youtube clip (Isle of Quel'Danas) in the middle of the post if you're into Atmosphere (a non related shout out to Slug!)+ reading.

Transmogrification (added patch 4.3)
The ability to use any class specific gear with stats and transform it into any gear you have in your bags (and/or in your Void storage?). There are some restrictions and it costs gold.

I've raided, i've done PvP, i've reached the two gold caps (214k, 1 million), i've been addicted to playing alts and even collected mounts at times when nothing else has made sense. I did end up quitting the game a few months ago. I wasn't sure if it was for good, but I wasn't expecting to play in at least 4-6 months time.

Read my thoughts on how Transmogrification changes the game to the better and why I just have to try it out after the jump....