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Friday, January 16, 2015

WoG Brainstormz # 30 – Blow it! (A big effin' wind of change)

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OMFG! WE finally hit a milestone episode! So give us donations, join our raffle, buy our gold guide, leveling guide, Blizzcon guide, join the secret forums for a tiny fee, wait til the end for an epic giveaway, join the contest, enjoy the new adds and bits that were sent in by my donating listeners. And lastly subscribe and thumbs up wherever you sell out bitches can beg. I want to thank the “incredible WoW community” for pushing me to keep on. Thank you. Now fuck you.

Right fuck that! My main computer died. So a couple of weeks were added to the release date. Dropping profs, maximizing the use of time efficient professions, still not wanting to waste  time @ followers with specific profession traits, Blizzcon  dickriders, fed up with all of the  “wow community heroes”,  my leveling experience and future plans for alts, serious beta preparations without getting an beta invite. There’s actually music in this episode. Like a throwback to the first episodes.
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