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Monday, May 16, 2011

The First Hunt For Poseidus Is Finally Over

Two addons that have helped me kill or tame various rare spawns are NPCscan and NPCscan overlay. Npcscan alerts you when a rare mob is nearby. This can be a mob anywhere, meaning that it can be a tamed pet, a dead corpse or the real live version of a rare NPC. You'll need to clear the cache in the WTF folder if you want to search for a mob after it has alerted you the first time. Once a mob is found it won't alert you again, until you reset the cache. If you know your way in the WoW directory you can delete the file named "creaturecache.wdb". I'm paranoid so I delete the "npccache.wdb" as well. I run Windows 7 so those are the file names that I know.

This post gives you some brief information about where I found Poseidus on Bronze Dragonflight EU 21:37. I'll write a more in depth post later on. I just thought that this information could be useful for other Poseidus farmers. While writing this i'm chatting in Trade, posting the mount on the Auction House and trying to send screens to Jokinee who's laughing at Sweden for losing vs Finland with the score 1-6. I think it's funny as hell too. Right, towards the middle of writing this post I joined a Skype conversation with Nev, Jokinee and Felt (Nev's hubbie) and eventually decided to go to bed.

This is where I found Poseidus.This was not the toon that killed him, but I went back there in order to show Jokinee as well as use it for this post. The cache was reset just in case Poseidus or some other rare would decide to suddenly pop up.

Npcscan goes off and I try target the mob with my macro. I have a a hard time seeing him and using the minimap helped. See the red marked dot? Thank you, Blizzard, for adding it when hunting! It's annoying at other times, but is very useful for targetting mobs with /tar macros. In this case i used /tar pose. I don't write full names unless theres other players or mobs with similar names. Also it decreases the chance of mispelling anything. I'm a paranoid human being.

 I see Poseidus! Lock in, ready to cast my first spell. Heart's pounding nicely, thinking about the  gold within my grasp.
The "1" key is bound to Mind Blast. Bad call! Luckily noone else is nearby, so I toss a Shadow Word: Pain. Poseidus has been tagged by Heartburn, who is one of my bankers.

Other than that i'll let the picture speak for themselves. I should be sleeping, but it seems like i'll be sleeping earlier this coming week. Long story short, I sleep way too little and it affects me. Another topic that i'll get into eventually.

That's it for now. I'll sell the mount. When I was l taking screenshots I got this feeling. I was considering keeping the mount on my main who's a hunter, but since it's the first i'll go for the gold. If I get a second or not is something only the future can show. Either way i'll keep farming him as long I feel like doing it. The break from the Auction House is well needed.

If you're looking for him, keep on searching. Don't give up! The next I write about him will cover the  specific strategy that I used.


  1. Congrats my friend! Sounds like its time for some dry clothes and a warm fire.

  2. Woop Woop! Big Gratz mate :) It was lovely to finally put a voice to the name. Hope we can do it again sometime :)

  3. Thanks a lot, guys! It was a great feeling when NPCscan went off and it was Him! I haven't even tried selling it yet after the first AH post because i'm busy using my priest in Vashj'ir again and the Trade barking that I intend to do can wait until i'm bored of farming him or run out of other things to do than AH. I'm in no rush to get the gold.

    Prices will even risk to fall, but that won't matter either. It's all about the Hunt. The Hunt for something. The Hunt for The Goal!

    Hell, worst case scenario I keep him on my hunter and farm Poseidus on Poseidus hahah.

  4. Nice write-up on this rare mount, Poseidus.
    How much are you going to be asking for the mount originally?

  5. @Cold. Thanks. Appreciate it.

    The correct price that i'd start with would be 250k, but I wouldn't expect more than 150k since my realm is dying and is so dead that noone that still stays notices it. I posted it on the AH for 500k/400k bid. And someone else posted it there for 700k after (Haven't seen it with my own eyes, but the moving price was raised). The real worth IS 500k at least, but broke people can be annoying.

    My main issue right now is that I almost have zero motivation to make gold, so I won't be barking it until the weekend. I just hope that i'm motivated by then. I might end up flipping it Alliance side, once I feel like it.