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Thursday, December 29, 2016

WoG Brainstormz # 36 - WoW Tokens

"It's time to face Grayz."

Thinking about making Youtube videos with excerpts from the podcast. 

WoW Tokens and my take on them once the balance change goes live, whenever that happens. Pros and cons with buying tokens now compared to post update. Rumors say that it will happen in 7.1.5, but I only trust official sources. Which either means patch notes, once a release date has been released, or when Blizzard's patch notes have an update with the specific update that I'm interested in being a part of each new PTR update. Data mining can be a great source for gold making. Remember the "epic gem patch" in Cataclysm? Suckers!


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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WoG Brainstormz # 35 - Twitchers

Twitch streaming, things I'm learning, streamers and different personalities, regaining energy and hunger. Featuring Stormwinds and Lil' Grayz at the end. 

My Only Chance - The Legend of Warlololock (Trolling Cdew Into Playing 3s) 
An apology

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

WoG Brainstormz # 34 - The Burning Legion

Merry Christmas!
Note: The wind blows intensely at certain points.
The Burning Legion Grind, content creators quitting, Legion is for the crazies that will keep on playing no matter what, avoid timesinks or burn forever in the fires of the Legion
Update on what I'm up to on Twitch, Youtube, PvP goals, I'm rebranding Grayz the cow to Grayz the Hunter after 5 years, using more seriously than ever to quickly create new logos, thumbnails etc.

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Grayz RBGs - Temple of Kotmogu 1

Merry Christmas 24th Dec, players! It's the Swedish date when we celebrate christmas over here.

Note: We actually did 5 RBGs but the 1st half of the first match, which I had recorded, seems to have been erased. Therefore I began uploading from game number 2.

4th and last RBG game of the evening with my Alliance guild on Outland EU. Notice how the energy drops much faster this game compared to any of the other 3 we had. We could've learned alot from the enemy team this game. Like I wrote last game; There's always a possibility to improve no matter if you win or lose.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Blizzard vs Supercell: Dawn of Justice (Youtube version)

This is the Youtube version of the podcast. This version lacks the multi genre soundtrack that accompanies the audio version. For a 100% experience of my insanity listen to the podcast instead. 

The game footage was recorded between 2006-2016 at various times of my WoW and CoC careers. My Hunter skills in BC needed more improvement than I thought and ding 70 is actually shown. 

Show notes:
"CoC has died". Again.
"WoW has died". Again.
Blizzard (WoW), Supercell (CoC), organizational changes in companies and my analysis from the outside looking in.
Annoying fairplay fundamentalists (yeah, I go there)
Sticking to my own joy filled path, outside of communities, in the scorched CoC land of FPC, modders, quitters, haters and schizos that love and hate the CoC.
Sweden's co-dependancy system (Jantelagen).
Thooorin's Alpha Draft commercial impersonation goes to hell. Get dat sick scrilla on his Youtube.
Hashtag #keepcalmimright because I can.

Podcast versions off this episode



Grayz RBGs - Twin Peaks 1

RBG game with my Alliance guild on Outland EU.

Grayz RBGs - Warsong Gulch 1

RBG game with my Alliance guild on Outland EU. On my fresh level 110 Hunter that will be my new main Alliance side. Playing objectives when my ilevel is low.

BM Hunter - Leveling 109 to 110 Part 1

Midway through to a 110 in Legion on my Main. Exploring and taking it slowly for the first time ever. Feels great!

Grayz RBGs - Deepwind Gorge 1

Note: First part of the game I just jump around cause I'm defending Panda. I don't mind defending cause to me it's team first. And if that's what a Hunter does, then that's what I'll do. Kind of reminds me of when Zumio made his Hunter RBG video.

3rd RBG game with my Alliance guild on Outland EU same evening. We lost big. We still could've learned from this game if the majority of our team had a winner's mindset. There's always a possibility to improve no matter if you win or lose. Doing casual BGs on Alliance has proved that to me haha. I didn't realize how often Horde wins in those til now. And knowing that I expect to lose, but play better to even the odds out. 

I thrive during adversity. Such a mentality can't be faked. Either you grow to develop it or you just don't have it. Still love my team, though. But honestly, it might become an issue in the future since losses to better teams is a part of doing any PvP.  This is why playing for rating is a detriment. Always play to improve yourself and your team's coordination etc. The challenge in it is what makes it so fun for me. 4th game will be uploaded on Christmas (EU) cause I don't follow any pro posting patterns, currently!

BM Hunter - Leveling 109 to 110 Part 2

Playing Legion on my Main. I ding a 110 in this video. Exploring and taking it slowly for the first time ever. Really been enjoying the first days of the expansion. Finally an expansion that brings back options.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Diary Post - Twitch - The Next Project

Just a short post about some things I'm doing. In no particular order.

  • Preparing for my new project on Twitch; I'll be streaming here.
  • Rebranding my Gaming persona to Grayz the Hunter. Not by name, but rather associating everything I do to the Hunter class which is what I focus primarily on anyway. Especially since I want to PvP alot more and increase the level of difficulty as I evolve. This makes connecting Grayz to the Hunter class very important. Hence a new profile picture with my main Horde Hunter being my new face. Every new Hunter alt I create, that might be of importance in the future, will therefore have Grayz in it's name. This makes recognition so much easier down the road.
  • Document my PvP progress as I get more and more involved with other PvPers.
  • Begin streaming very soon and learn the basics as I go. The thought process has been going on for a while now and it's time to act.
  • Make decisions when it comes to what I think is important when streaming. Why, how, eventually when (if I decide to have a schedule. Is it even possible for me to have a schedule?) etc.
  • And much more that I'll write offline since I actually want this to be a short post, fo reals, yo.

    It's interesting how this time of year makes me more active on the blog. It almost never fails. Enjoy your Christmas and make sure to have fun in WoW, if you still play.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

WoG Brainstormz # 33 - Please Quit Playing, Floppers!

No! Don't expect me to rehash old news like most other content creators. So this isn't an episode you waited for just to hear extremely old news as if they're new and no one else had spoken about them. 

Blizzcon 2016 having the most interesting announcement since they announced Wrath, 7.1.5 stats Blizzard Blizifying solutions that should be simple to pick and choose, bans and exploits, RnGendaries (legendaries), players that should've quit WoW podcasting a long time ago because they're bored of the game.

And most importantly a guest appearance by my daughter, Stormwinds, to end the madness!


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