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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Diary Post - Grayz's Extreme Poseidus Strategy

I choose an ugly sea horse instead!

I wrote this the 22nd of May 2011.
The reasons that i'm posting it now are:
  1. I killed Poseidus for the second time on New years eve 2012.
  2. It shows bits of my thought process during the craziest rare hunting phase that i've been through to date.
  3. Lastly because I won't delete this post anyway.
Disclaimer! This isn't the most efficient way to farm Poseidus. But it is the strategy that I used, mainly because I was bored of WoW in general.

So let's get it on, shall we? After the break...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Add these two changes in Mists of Pandaria

Got Gear?

"Just think!" -Doseone

This is a post that i've written for Cold's Blogging Carnival. He asked for one topic, but since i'm Grayz and I follow Inspiration I chose two. Cold is the blogger behind Cold's Gold Factory and he is one of 3 hosts on the Auction House Junkies podcast. Go to his blog and show him your support and also support Auction House Junkies!

One major change that I almost forgot
A quest log that allows a whopping 200 quests. 100 dailies and 100 normal quests. I'm tired of having to plan which quests I take, not which i'll do! I don't mind planning the route, but to plan which quests to skip because im quest capped is just sad.

The two major changes that I want to see implemented
Add real BoA heirlooms that players can mail across realms and add the possibility to use BoA gold, for cross realm toons that need gold. The heirlooms should've been BoA across realms to begin with and not BoR (Bind on Realm).

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Farming Poseidus - The 2nd kill (New Years Eve 2012)

  NPCscan has gone off. NPCscan overlay shows the yellow circle that's visible on the minimap.

So I couldn't sleep after New Years Eve and decided to do all kinds of shit. I ran some heroics on one hunter and then decided to go look for Poseidus for the 4th time today on my other. I flew ABOVE the water and NPCscan went off 6.32 am) and I killed her/him/it/theugly for the first time on Agamaggan, but the second time in total. How does it feel? Good. 

Read on about this lovely sea horse after the break...