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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Few hours til patch 4.1 hits: “Be aggressive. B-E aggressive!” -Faith No More

This post was written in a rush since I was busy mass crafting, tossing random tweets and trying to keep track of all kinds of markets. It felt like Christmas Eve. The title of the post is related to the song "Be aggressive" which was created by Faith No More.

It's over. It's finally over. The floor is gone. I won't vendor my gems for 9 gold anymore. Oh, wait. I'm playing on a EU realm so I have another 3-4 hours to go. I must say that i'm very happy. I can no longer prospect without having a clear goal. The funny thing is, the more I shuffled the more I really realized the worth of all blues that procced from the jewelry. I don’t have time to shuffle anything now, so buying and reposting is my best bet, although it increases the risk in case someone with a plan logs on after me.

Note! The glyph of Frost Armor is learned from Northrend Inscription Research!
Nice, then I’ll just sell of the Books of Glyph Mastery for a higher price just to be evil. Since i've had them up for 9k i actually think they sell for 3k now, up from 300-600g.

My plans before going to sleep tonight:

1.       Vendor most of my Zephyrites since I dislike camping the AH in order to sell my uncomons. I camped enough while masscrafting when I did some aggressive undercutting to see how my competition would react.
2.       Check ore prices on the AH and buy if it’s really cheap and prospect some.
3.       Stockpile all of my unsold rares in a toon’s mail box.
4.       Was thinking about farming Executioner on my Enchanter, but I don’t think I’m up for it. It’s more likely that I’ll craft and make sure that I have lots of items up for tomorrow that are of interest for all gamers.
5.       Post more enchanting mats.
6.       Reset the Truegold market from 700-800 to 999g which my favorite competitor has set. He had 10, I have 27 or so. I’ll take the risk cause it’s so much fun. If I lose gold, it’s no problem cause I won’t be shuffling as much anymore..i hope.
7.       Post cut Shadowspirit Diamonds of all sorts and see if anyone else is doing it. Depending on the competition I’ll adjust the amount of Shadowspirit Diamonds with red gem requirements.
8.       Post all rare procc jewelry that I have since everyone and their mumie of a grandmother will be running dungeons.
9.       Reset the Volatiles that seem worth resetting, since few seem focused on having "all" markets set and ready to go.
10.   Post a lot more Pyrite Bars cause people will be crafting like crazy. I won’t price them too high, but I’ll post most of what I have and within my comfort zone.
11.   Post Enchanting Scrolls that I’ve had lying around simply cause a lot more of them might sell in total and that way being undercut might not matter as much. Even if I only sell two, of the ones I never usually sell, it’s a good profit cause I’ve been letting them rot as long as prices have been too low.
12.   Reset the Volatile Air and Fire market. They go for 25g each and I know that it’s risky, but since the Mysterious Fortunce Card business is dead at the moment I might as well go all in. Haven’t spent gold in ages and even when I do spend its as if its coin in my 750k+ stack. Had 770k before I began resetting prices and hopefully few will be on to notice and try to undercut me with a lot of goods. My price is 39g99s99c. Not super high, but if they sell it’s a very good margin. Especially if they sell in the 100's.
13.   Posted 20x stacks of Pyrite Ore.I still have some stockpiled so selling them wouldn’t hurt and even if epic gems would come from them, I’d be okay with it. Jewelcrafting doesn’t feel that fun right now and I don’t mind taking a loss in gold in order to have more fun. The slavery days were too hard on me.
14.   Posted quite a few Elementium Bars as well. Scratch that! Made 70x Belt buckles instead cause I didn't feel that i'd profit enough from the bars. I kept some up though. Having "Multiple streams of income" like Robert Allen G. is a winner, I kid you not.
15.   I’ll actually transmute some Inferno Rubys. A 100x or so. I’ll see when I start doing it. I’ll wanna restock fast in case the gems sell a lot. Haven’t decided on prices yet, but I’m thinking of posting 20 Bold and Brilliant. I’d rather have deposit costs than missing the chance of a selling spree.
16.   On that note I’ll be transmuting more Shadowspirits cause I don't wanna run out of gems to sell just cause I was at work, smell me?

Right, i’ll leave this post as it is, just so that I can remember how I felt when Patch 4.1 was getting nearer.  Either way I have to say, it feels like Christmas Eve without the candles!
Enjoy the Patch, I sure Will!

Here's a random bed time screenshot. 
Monkofdeaths is not one of my toons, nor is it someone I know. I'll post more screens eventually since he has been spamming Trade with my services and goods on the Auction House. It must mean that i've been doing a good job though? I ended up making a toon named Monkofgrayz simply so he can't take it. He has a mate that also has a "Monk" in his name, so you never know.


  1. Hello!
    That is a VERY GOOD plat to stick to. )

    How did it work?

  2. Thanks alot! Appreciate it.
    Well, the Truegold test failed miserably. I sold zero, no joke haha, but it was fun buying them all out. It was a very well needed rush and I felt a power surge when buying most of them cause it didn't budge my gold stock at all.

    The Volatiles were so so. Sold some, but nothing spectacular. The winners were all kinds of gems and enchanting mats which sold like ice cream on a hot summer's day. Those two markets were insane! I still had the will to post on thursday (i'm EU), so I used the lack of compoetition to my advantage. Friday things slowed down, but was still profit. I didn't have much time saturday, but profits ticked on.

    Tonight I could've made more gold, but I didn't feel like posting much at all. Made a few DMF trinkets (burned all ink cause it pissed me off trying to sell or trade them for Blackfallow inks). I was thinking of reposting glyphs, but i'll just go to bed. It's later than I wanted, but better than last week.

    Cheers, Sklyanka.