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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Add these two changes in Mists of Pandaria

Got Gear?

"Just think!" -Doseone

This is a post that i've written for Cold's Blogging Carnival. He asked for one topic, but since i'm Grayz and I follow Inspiration I chose two. Cold is the blogger behind Cold's Gold Factory and he is one of 3 hosts on the Auction House Junkies podcast. Go to his blog and show him your support and also support Auction House Junkies!

One major change that I almost forgot
A quest log that allows a whopping 200 quests. 100 dailies and 100 normal quests. I'm tired of having to plan which quests I take, not which i'll do! I don't mind planning the route, but to plan which quests to skip because im quest capped is just sad.

The two major changes that I want to see implemented
Add real BoA heirlooms that players can mail across realms and add the possibility to use BoA gold, for cross realm toons that need gold. The heirlooms should've been BoA across realms to begin with and not BoR (Bind on Realm).

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The strategy Blizzard used with the implementation of BoA heirlooms was only half way done and it might have been a marketing strategy. I honestly don't know. Just imagine how much nicer the playerbase would feel and behave if it could mail those heirlooms freely across toons, at least in theory.

The BoA gold idea makes it easier for toons to change realms, which could lead to a happier playerbase and more pleased customers. I know that i'd "Yahoo!" if I could spend less time making gold as well as less time leveling toons. The reason is simple, my responsibilities in real life are growing exponentially and time for other things than WoW is becoming more and more important. 

Just add a gold limit. Whether it is with a set amount (100k) or in percentages. Add a scaling 'gold debuff' depending on the amount of gold on the realm you are transferring gold from. 10% @ 1 Mill, 20% below 600k, 40% below 200k etc. There's other alternatives you could throw in there, so it isn't something that can't be solved. Also add a timer, like the timers for realm transfers, if you're scared of gold selling too.

The economy on most realms is messed up as it is, so there's no point sticking to your guns on this one, Blizzard. You could argue that it would become worse. My answer would simply be that it would get worse anyway. The important question here is, on who's orders you move. Do you take what you have and run with it, trying to make the best you can or do you let the gold sellers corner you in, so that your alternatives are limited? Since Blizzard is moving towards 'one currency for all games' i'd prefer them to take control.

Ending thoughts

Some restrictions that Blizzard have put in WoW are so old and outdated that they need to open things up a lot more and a lot faster. Patch 4.3 added some good changes. So please, Blizzard, add more and do it in a faster pace. Rethink, Adapt and Proceed.
  • You can't stop gold selling. You can't win a battle against something/someone thinking "We don't want to lose!". The only way you can win is by adding options and by focusing on your goal. In this case rather than stopping gold selling i'd change it to making it easier for players to make gold in-game. Not by nerfing the game, but simply by linking to blogs and sharing the free information that is available on the internet. Hell, add a make gold section to Battlenet and reap the networking benefits as well. Happier players + happier gold makers means more money for Blizzard one way or another.
  • Would anyone reach 214k, the old gold cap, if they kept thinking "I don't want to lose gold"? No way. They'd still be killing Kodos in The Barrens farming Leather. Think cave man here, will ya?
  • I look forward to the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Yes, I know that I hated the trailer to no end in this post, but i'm a grown man and i'll change my mind when I need to.
  • Blizzard, make heirlooms mailable across realms. Even if you lose money on the grinding times you'll gain more money because players will be leveling so many more alts willingly.
  • If i'm completely wrong i'm still right!
Free flowing thoughts:
People like me would still use more than 1 BoA set because we set up realms like companies rather than see them as single entities without any ties. Move one company (read realm) in one direction and lead another company in another. Reap the benefits of realm diversification, learn, adapt and let the ideas grow even larger. I've said it before and I can't remember if i've written it on the blog; I run the game like a business. Especially when the Gold is on active mode like it is right now.

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