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Sunday, December 16, 2012

WoG Brainstormz # 6 – Averse to conflict, Grayz?

“Long story short, MAC is on vacay and isn’t coming back any time soon.”
 “So if I say you I don’t mean you, I just mean you as in me as in you, Grayz.”

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Raid teams, The BM Hunter is back on the raid scene, Being averse to conflict, Listening to raiding podcasts helps, Reading strategies, You play as you are, Skill over ilevel, Beginning to use World of logs

Unforseen consequences
For this episode I decided to give you a backstory to something that happened in real life that affected the editing process and which will have an affect on future episodes as well. I’ll be using my girlfriend's PC instead of my MAC and I don’t know when or even if I’ll solve it. Either way, this problem has lead to some very interesting and creative ideas. The MAC intro to this episode is a giant leap in my video editing and experimentation process. 
One important thing I noticed is that changing platforms definitely makes for an interesting learning process. I've been trying things with a lot more bravery than I did on the MAC and I think revisiting old software (with some very interesting updates) can be a good thing.

Not having my own computer will affect my ability to play WoW too. So who knows if i'll focus on the game or use the down time to dig deeper into podcasting and making videos. One thing is certain though, and that is that this is the very beginning of a new adventure for Grayz!

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