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Saturday, April 13, 2013

On the Move: Give Me More Donations, Please!?

"Spare a couple of thousand dollars furr a transfurr, plz omfg lolz?....."

"On the Move" is a blogging notice that i've added for posts written when commuting or whatever. Hopefully it will make it easier for me to post more frequently and jot down ideas when they're fresh.

Donations to podcasters, bloggers, youtubers etc. Is it a good or a bad thing? Are there good and bad reasons to donate? Does Grayz care? If so why/why not?

The answer is actually short and simple. I care about contributing in the way that I choose. I care about showing support for the gamers that do things that I like. People will always do what they want regardless of if they want to donate or if they're the people wanting donations. And I won't care as long as they stay away from repeating the donation lingo every single time that they do podcasts, streams etc. 

My thoughts on minding other peoples business after the break.

When it comes to minding others business and why they ask for donations, I couldn't care less. Unless it's something that really annoys me. An example was when Jim Younkin began selling his guide and began talking more and more about selling it. I understood why, but with my mindset I just skipped over it. And bare in mind that I actually bought it since I wanted to support him.

A similar thing happened when Cold began mentioning his guide on the Auction house junkies podcast. Another guide I bought to show some support. Two different people with two different mentalities and I gave them money. I don't feel bad about it. A thing that happens though, is that I can question whether i'd do that in the future to support someone else and the answer is both yes and no. It all comes down to how much my life is affected by the things the person has said or done. 

Remember that the "WoW or Gold" blog is about "More than WoW!" so mindsets and principles go much further than methods and tactics in my world.


  1. I appreciate your and everyone else's support they've made through purchases. Being able to do what I love and have such a supportive community is a rare thing.

  2. You're welcome, Jim and i'm glad to hear that you didn't take it as an attack on you or what you do. Keep on doing what you do!