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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Diary post - A resub and a garbage dump

Why? Cause I really need to make sure that I get rid of 10's of 1000's of items that I won't need anymore. Profits are semi high now, not because that i'm selling alot, but simply because I hardly spend anything at the moment. Once I want something i'll buy it. So i'll log an alt to check the BMAH to see if there's anything there for less than 180k. Leaves me with 3k for AH if I find something worth keeping. 

I won't be stocking up anything for WoD, especially not according to my own measures of the word stockpiling. Whenever I have stockpiled things in the past maybe 5-10% of what I saved have led to some serious income. 5-15% maybe led to a decent amount, but that cost more in wasted slots and missed opportunities. And the rest was just pointless. This time around i'll save certain stuff that I might use to level JC, if it's appealing, but with all changes to professions and with the Garrisons on the horizon it feels better to wait and see, listen, read and adapt. Gold making will be even less important in WoD. I'll fiddle but I won't go hardcore into it unless I really want something badly. Time will be much better spent elsewhere. 

So what's the current game plan, Grayz? In no particular order these are a couple of things i'm doing or wanting to do:
Selling off 99% gems of all kinds. Cutting and vendoring is a good way to get rid of uncommon gems that won't be sold even if I tried for the next 10 years. Not due to them being useless, but because I have several 100's of them which is way too much. By far. 

Using certain daily cooldowns to a certain extent. Some will be done every day while others will be done til I can craft 553 gear. I can spend SoH now but will prolly wait til they go BoA and spend them as I see fit whenever that 6.0 patch goes live. 

Ores and bars, hearbs and leather from Mists? Selling or converting them into other items. Not saving hardly anything of it. Will probably have Magnificent hides left from the cooldown and make Leatherworking bags if I suddenly feel a need to do it and the same goes for ores and bars, but i'm not keeping more than a 1000 maximum @ the metals. I have glyphs on my second account and Grayz will be crafting some of the 5.4 ones just so that they're avalaible in case I feel like posting with my 2nd account in the future. Honestly, it's a waste of time. Will see what I decide to do. 

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