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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Grayz Herb Farm - Starlight Rose Rank 3

A couple of weeks into Legion I felt really bad about not reaching rank 3 on all of the very profitable and easily farmable mats that didn't require a raid to complete the rank 3 quest. I had Herbalism and Skinning on my main at the time. And not reaching rank 3 hurt my ego, especially when it came to the more valuable goods, so I turned around and aimed to change it. Here's how.

Everyones farming Starlight Rose now. All for dat gold, baby! And I came up with another strategy to counter that exact herbalistic problem, but that's for another post.

What I did to prepare for my Herb rankin'
  • I used Server hop (and Cross realm assist) so I could switch quickly to realms with Starlight Roses nodes available.
  • Tomtom to create and use others waypoints. I've added one in this post for the last part of the Rank 3 quest chain.
  • Sky Golem was my mount of choice so I could herb while mounted. From what i've heard you can use the this too, but I don't have it. 
  • Stonehide Leather Barding so I wouldn't get dismounted when mobs hit on me.
  • Leystone Hoofplates to run 20% faster on my mount.   
  • And various damage buffs, so that I could kill mobs faster when needed.
  • If you have quested enough in Suramar to unlock them, grab all of the buffs from the 3 mana addicts found in Shal'aran. 
My process of farming Starlight Rose to rank up
  1. Fly to or run to Irongrove Retreat in Suramar. 
  2. Head towards the western part of the white curve.

    This short route has the highest amount of active nodes available and when combined with server hopping is the fastest way that i've found to farm Starlight non stop. Unless there's many other players farming there's nodes available every 15-60s. It's faster when empty, slower when crowded, but even when it's crowded it's still a solid route simply because it's so short and you can hop through a ton of realms and get to the nodes faster than the competition that use this entire route from wow-professions.

    You can extend the route if you find that works better for you, but i'd follow the flow of the herbs rather than just following any set route like a mindless bot.

  3. Farm Starlight Roses for as many hours as you need. Make sure to keep 20 Starlight Rosedust! A node will eventually give you the quest Insane Ramblings. Hearth to Dalaran. Turn it in.

  4. Accept Tharillon's Fall. Fly to Azsuna and run to /way 56, 26 Tharillon's Fall. Now use the 20 Starlight Rosedusts to summon Tharillon. You should be able to solo him. If not find someone to help you.

    That's it! Congratulations at finally ranking up.
    Starlight Rose is probably the single most anti climatic herb to level to rank 3, since the only thing it does is this, but now at least this specific rng grind is over for you.

Anything that helps speed this process up will save you a lot of time and earn you a lot more gold overall. Especially if you end up needing to farm for 6h++ hours due to rng. This took me around 4-5h total and I tweaked my strategy as I went. And this post was the fastest way that I found for my own needs (dat gold and saving time, bruv). It's funny how I stopped farming Starlight Rose actively as soon as I got rank 3. Guess it comes down to having fun too? Another farming strategy that I came up with after this entertained me even more. Did it yield more gold? Probably not or maybe it did? Does it really matter? 

Enjoy Legion! Avoid the time sinks!

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