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Sunday, October 20, 2013

WoG Brainstormz # 22 - Hardcore Leadership!

Milestones are very important! This is one connected to raiding. And this is just a new beginning...

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Note: This episode has zero music and it's just push-n-go recording that needed to be uploaded asap. I said WoW or Gold in the mini intro and forgot the Brainstormz bit. Deal with it! 
Topics: So fed up with amateurs with no will to learn in-game or in real life, having a mindset of a heroic raider, i'm in it to win it both in-game and in real life, changed guild, angry after wiping because of slackers numerous times in LFR/Flex, the importance of preparation, living as a leader, taking shots at the "WoW community" which is one big circle jerk (most of the time - lots of love to the few I genuinely like!), why raid leaders need to call out stupid and take responsibility as leaders of the team (inspired by Gevlon, @finalbossTV, @settoheroic, @riggnaros, @preachgaming and @methodsco), flexxing, Titan Runestones and my plan to abandon the LFR entirely once that quest is done, interview with Kanye West with Zane Lowe and Style Wars 1983.

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