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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Diary post: Liquidation and a little 5.4 speculation

Spending is the fun part!
As a gold maker you have many options, especially once you have some capital. And i'll be honest, hovering around 50k nowadays compared to being way above 700k for the majority of Cataclysm is a different situation for me in Mists. I'm not broke, but i'm also far from rich. Especially in an expansion where hitting that 1 million mark means so little. Nowadays i'd say hitting 3-5 million would be the new "1 million".

So what am I doing to reach those 5 million? Not much and far from enough. My mission right now isn't to make tons of gold, but rather regain tons of slots in my guild banks. The past month i've been busy getting rid of old stuff that i've held onto for far too long. I won't list the damn thangz, but a couple of screenshots will give you an idea. 

After many years of stockpiling and preparing for patches and expansions several months ahead of time my outlook on that kind of stockpiling has changed. What's important for me right now aren't the same kind of things that were important for me 4 years ago. Or even just 2 years ago. This time around i'm not stockpiling; I'm liquidating aggressively. 

The plan for 5.4 isn't to have guild banks filled with mats or crafted goods ready to go. It's not the opposite either, but it's rather this; i'll buy as much as possible when it comes to the Tailoring, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking cooldowns. Other than that I won't spend too much time nor gold trying to prepare for something that i'll fail at.  Diversification has been one of my strengths. Speculation and stockpiling has been two of my largest weaknesses, so just by decreasing my losses i'm adding to my chances of increasing my income. 

But what is your goal when it comes to gold making, Grayz? It's simple. Organization and streamlining. Taking my gold making to a level that i've wanted to reach for years, but been way too lazy to do. This time around the gold is far from the endgame. The possibility of pushing my time effiiency, that is the endgame!


Ps. WoW is a game. Making gold is a game within the game. I've given away more gold than i've cared to track and I still do whenever I feel like it. *Censored* received 3k simply because we had a good chat yesterday. And this was a person i' had seen through AH, but never had spoken to. 

Good luck, Have fun!


  1. I have the same issue. I am just too damn lazy to do tedious tasks like smelt ore into bars if it's worth more or go the extra mile and bolt cloth before I sell it :p Love your blog!

    1. I have my extremely brief periods when I prospect, but my gold making mentality is nowhere near where it was in Cata, so I buy the bars when they're priced low enough.

      Thanks! I appreciate the love :)

  2. I used to stockpile just because of what people on gold forums used to say, but it never turned out to matter much. It's just not necessary to do that on my server.

    1. Yeah, adjusting your business to your realm is key. That's why I dislike listening to gold makers that give tips that are focused too much on specific markets, rather than the ideas behind the strategies.

      Good luck making gold in 5.4!