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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Graveyard post (pre 5.4): Phase 2 - Organizing guild banks

This post was written after this post more than a year ago which also had to do with organizing and liquidating. There's still some parts that are relevant, especially when I add my thoughts about Warlords in future posts.

So after liquidating tons of stuff by vendoring, AH wholesale pricing and giving away mounts, pets and other stuff i've finally come to a great place; Less inventory = Better organization. That means that I can set up my guild banks in a way so that I can level Jewelcrafting as well as use them for storage/AH posting.

Let me be very clear here. I've never ever gotten this far when it comes to tossing trash and organizing stock. It's been one hell of a long and enjoyable journey and it's finally time to move onto the next phase; Organization.
There's plenty of ways to organize and categorize items. To keep it short and simple, having things organized means that things easily get put in the right place. A lot of trash, old and obselete items that i've kept off(!!) the AH for years, but still held onto has finally been taken care of. With TSM 2, no i'm not writing a guide, it just feels as if I need to tidy things up in order to save more time. Another reason that i'm getting organized is that patch 5.4 is on the horizon. And also the fact that an expansion will be revealed @ Blizzcon and whenever it's released and I want to get rid of at least 90% of all items that i've held onto for more than 4 years. 

With the leveling changes to certain professions and with me guessing that there's more professions than Enchanting getting an overhaul, i'll need to set up my guild banks so that it's easier than ever to clear all stock that might become completely irrelevant. 

Added note 7th of October 2014
I had not organized my guild banks in any extraordinarie way. It's just that I had reached a new height compared to earlier attempts. I'm seriously contemplating changing professions on my main by dropping two crafting professions when WoDecember is released. We're still a month away though, so time tells.

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