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Thursday, December 25, 2014

WoG Brainstormz - Update 1 (25th of December 2014)

The old rss feed is dead. New rss feed can be found here
So all links from the old post are dead. When new episodes are uploaded they'll be linked to the new rss feed.

Update: Stitcher is affected by me reuploading episodes as well. I'll adapt to the situation. Uploading is faster now since there's a couple of things I can do to speed things up.

I messed up the podcast feed in the past and all episodes got deleted. Therefore I created this post with some quick info for the iTunes users. Currently you can't find any episodes and i'll be sorting it out the coming days in order to put new stuff out there.

WoD is THE winner and I have a lot of thoughts about saving time, wasting time, gold making, gearing up, garrisons, alts, goals, raiding, pvping, having a daughter and more.

Have fun and make sure you play to win!

Big Gratz to Paragon for winning the 1st world first (mini) race! Blackrock Foundry will be very interesting. 

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