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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Diary post - Grayz journey @ WoW or Gold

I was writing a new summary for iTunes and realized that it was way too long, so I turned it into a blog post. This post. I post it here cause it summarizes some important things about my journey as a gamer and as a WoW player. Here it is.

The WoW or Gold Brainstormz podcast tells the tale of Grayz on his gaming journey. The podcast relates to everything that has to do with his gaming habits; From the super slacking gamer to the hardcore ball to the walls min maxer. It highlights his love and hate relationship to alts and gold making (It's a time sink, I tell you!). He analyzes players and guilds and connects things that happen in WoW with other hobbies and things that have happened in different other parts of his life. 

If you just want a regular podcast covering news, PTR and Beta it's not a podcast for you. If you're looking for a high quality, top production podcast in a soundproof room this podcast is not for you. The list goes on, but don't expect anything being done "for the community", any giveaways, prizes, Blizzcon raffle tickets etc. 

Grayz usually "walks and talks" as he speaks about whatever comes to mind. As if it was a documentary more than anything else. That's why the music would've been great to use as a soundtrack, but it requires more time. Time is scarce. Since his baby boy ("Lil' Grayz") was born the blocks of time he's had to play have been decreased. His ability create a podcast that suites his goals are also limited by various limits that life can entail. And as such, podcasting on the move has been the one solution that has suited several of his needs. One of the most important being a big D I C in the face of the players that speak "for the community" and lick so much ass it's disguisting. Well, over time Grayz has become more hardcore and outspoken. The written word is far more controlled than the spoken word. And with Grayz this is no exception as he'll keep as much as possible from the original recording in the released episode.

So let's return to reality, shall we?
Now during WoD he has a newborn (a daughter called "Stormwinds") that has been added into the mix. He also has his beloved "Skylander" (his girlfriend's 8-year old) that he speaks about from time to time. The interesting thing is that many players say that they slow down, take it easier when they become parents. Grayz? He's become more hardcore than ever and has claimed that a top 50 raiding guild would be his goal, if his life was different.

"So come then heroes" and follow me, as I brainstorm my way through World of Warcraft, raiding, pvping, gold making and connect the dots to my real life experiences. The show's currently on an extremely dodgy schedule. Episodes will be released when they'll be released. Like the blog posts. The need to express myself comes before other dodgy reasons. And losing readers/listeners by not having a set schedule is a huge loss. But not for Grayz. Cause his logic is different; #Grayzlogic @Twitter.

Long-term (most likely years) I hope to expand the podcast with interviews and guests. Especially the hardcore crowd since there's a severe lack of genuinely hardcore gamers that get air time. It's either the same players getting interviewed 50 times or a what-could-be a good interview getting destroyed by comedy and watered down discussions, just to fit a time schedule. Well, fuck that! Time tells though. Since preparing and planning only is the mere beginning to get a project going.

Have fun in WoD and watch out for the Garrisons. They'll sink their teeth into your time, especially the more time you have to play. 

WoW or Gold. Four years and counting, huh?
Time flies.

Hardcoreley yours,
Grayz the Hunter
Bronze Dragonflight EU

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