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Friday, December 23, 2016

Grayz RBGs - Deepwind Gorge 1

Note: First part of the game I just jump around cause I'm defending Panda. I don't mind defending cause to me it's team first. And if that's what a Hunter does, then that's what I'll do. Kind of reminds me of when Zumio made his Hunter RBG video.

3rd RBG game with my Alliance guild on Outland EU same evening. We lost big. We still could've learned from this game if the majority of our team had a winner's mindset. There's always a possibility to improve no matter if you win or lose. Doing casual BGs on Alliance has proved that to me haha. I didn't realize how often Horde wins in those til now. And knowing that I expect to lose, but play better to even the odds out. 

I thrive during adversity. Such a mentality can't be faked. Either you grow to develop it or you just don't have it. Still love my team, though. But honestly, it might become an issue in the future since losses to better teams is a part of doing any PvP.  This is why playing for rating is a detriment. Always play to improve yourself and your team's coordination etc. The challenge in it is what makes it so fun for me. 4th game will be uploaded on Christmas (EU) cause I don't follow any pro posting patterns, currently!

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