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Friday, December 23, 2016

Blizzard vs Supercell: Dawn of Justice (Youtube version)

This is the Youtube version of the podcast. This version lacks the multi genre soundtrack that accompanies the audio version. For a 100% experience of my insanity listen to the podcast instead. 

The game footage was recorded between 2006-2016 at various times of my WoW and CoC careers. My Hunter skills in BC needed more improvement than I thought and ding 70 is actually shown. 

Show notes:
"CoC has died". Again.
"WoW has died". Again.
Blizzard (WoW), Supercell (CoC), organizational changes in companies and my analysis from the outside looking in.
Annoying fairplay fundamentalists (yeah, I go there)
Sticking to my own joy filled path, outside of communities, in the scorched CoC land of FPC, modders, quitters, haters and schizos that love and hate the CoC.
Sweden's co-dependancy system (Jantelagen).
Thooorin's Alpha Draft commercial impersonation goes to hell. Get dat sick scrilla on his Youtube.
Hashtag #keepcalmimright because I can.

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