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Friday, January 6, 2017

The Diablo Event 2017 - Farming the Treasure Goblin

A post about how I got my stuff in about 2h. I wanted it over and done with so I could return to the other things I was doing out of game. I disabled most Hunter tracking that interfered with my /tar treasure goblin macro that I was spamming. Enable show target on the minimap tracker to see the goblin and reach it as fast as possible.

Here's a macro I never used that was recommended by Zayedx in the comment section
/target Treasure Goblin
/stopmacro [noexists][dead]
/script SetRaidTarget("target",4)
/script PlaySound("ReadyCheck", "master")
/cast [target=target,exists] YOURSPELLHERE
Respawn is said to be around 45-5 minutes. From what I saw the Treasure Goblin had 5 spawn points. 
1. Same room as Fizzi Liverzapper = she gives the repeatable quests for Sightless Eyes
2. The middle = straight down the stairs where you enter (from the flightpath entrance)
3. Dead center of the Underbelly arena 
4. To the right, opposite side Fizzi Liverzapper, when you enter the huge arena
5. And lastly same room as the BMAH

The items of interest for me were
Twelve-String Guitar - Dropped off my first and only Cow King kill. It's only lootable once per day, per character. You reach the king by using a portal that spawns when the Goblin dies. It teleports you to Duskwood where he'll be up or respawn pretty often. Never waited more than 1 minute for him. When you're done you can disable the buff, I hearthed cause I didn't know about the buff.

1x Blank Diabolic Tome + 10x Scroll of Town Portal = To create the toy Tome of Town Portal. Every successful Goblin kill yielded at least 1 scroll, but he would escape or get killed too quickly most of my attempts. This is why realm hopping was needed. I used Server hop so I could switch between realms quickly. I noticed him not being able to escape at all when it was me +2 others nuking him. Probably because of the scaling being lesser with fewer players attacking him = less health.

Staying in a group to farm the Goblin is a waste of time imo, just like it was when I farmed the Dread Infiltrator for the Pocket Fel Spreader during the pre Legion Invasions. Just realm hop for a higher chance of seeing a breathing goblin more often.

Sadly the Tome shares cooldown with Heartstone. So no switching between the two like a time efficient pro, which was my plan.

GLHF and avoid the time sinks!

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