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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Making Gold for WoW Tokens During My Break?

The past 8 days I've been posting stuff on the AH regularly again. I now have 57 hours left before my 2nd account runs out of game time. But I'm seriously considering selling off whatever product I have that's worth anything until it's all gone. Instead of keeping it and trying to sell it months from now. Which would end up being a complete waste of possible sales with good margins. "Max profit dat shit to the fullest, bro!"

The WoW Tokens change the game because now taking a break doesn't just mean, log off and stay off until the next token is used for game time. Now all I see is the possible transfers to realms that are alot more appealing than BDF and 2 more Legion downloads that are my number 1 and 2 priority. Knowing that, plus that I easily have a few more 100k's to earn w my banker, it becomes very hard to just let that go. Especially since prices will be much lower after the break anyway. Here's my thought process when it comes to pros and cons.
  • I only have the 2nd account available, so alot of professions are out of reach as long as I don't reactivate my 1st account.
  • The more gold I make during the downtime the more battle cash I have to spend on things of importance once I have the time to play more seriously again. Which is transfers to more PvP realms and 2 more copies of Legion. Expansion copies for accounts 6-10 would probably happen during the next expansion or two. Luckily I don't have that many accounts of interest at my disposal... yet.
  • I can make more gold over time with a minimal time investment. Craft every 4 weeks, empty cooldown storages every 2-4 days and just post whatevers worth posting over and over.
  • Multitask goals at it's best; Making gold for bigger goals than just spending the gold in-game is alot more fun. Without a set goal making gold is a waste of time cause the numbers mean nothing without the value of the WoW Token. 10-40k is all that is needed to feel free on any realm. Especially since serious raids are entirely out of the picture. And any Legion zone makes that amount piss easy to accumulate without trying.

  • I risk wasting time playing WoW instead of doing more important things.
  • I might get addicted to gold making again and begin logging on way too often. WoW Tokens could bring out the worst in me if it coincided too closely with other goals in-game. "Unforseen Consequences."  A Cataclysmic level of complete time wastage!
  • I risk thinking too much about gold making, switching professions around on the few alts I can use, leveling "a few more", "lemme RAF myself just this one time" etc. All in the name of gold making.
  • The Break 2017 might actually  become playing the game 2017 ahaha.
I think that's all I can think of at the moment.

Good Luck Have Fun and enjoy the Burnout!
Play to Win!

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