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Sunday, June 5, 2011

GrayzBDF Has More Than 1 Million - Using 2 Accounts

 "God is a number." -Marilyn Manson

"You only need to get rich once. But this is another uncomfortable truth that has to be acknowledged: the richer you are, the less you need to worry about money." -James J. Cramer

So I reached a golden goal once again. This time it was 1 Million. I will not transfer any gold from Alliance to Horde nor will I spend time mailing the gold across toons just to proove that I have reached a million gold. I'll post two screens with the amounts (most names will be wiped except for the ones that matter in this regard).
Screenshots of 3 related bankers
 + 170449g
  =  1.007.496g = 1 Million. All three toons use the same /Sort macro on actionbar "2".

1 Million accomplished - How does it feel?
It feels like I made it and just that. There's no rush, no joy, no real pride in it. The 214k was the one gold cap that really meant something. This 1 million gold cap would have meant something too if it took another 8 months (at least) before even coming close to 1 million. Gold life is hard.

The best part about this 1 million journey is that it taught me how little gold really means. In a few months time i'll be able to start making some moves in real life that will move me towards my first million faster. Financial independence is the long-term goal and as i've mastered the gold making principles in WoW I feel that it just is a matter of time before I do it in real life. "Awesome" as Jokinee would say.

I just realized that if I really cared for the 1 million gold cap like I did for the first I would've made a good looking screenshot. The screenshot below is one of my all time favorite screenshots that i've taken and I took it when I hit the first cap (and I just had to repost it hehe).  

 A gold cap that I really struggled for and felt proud of achieving. 

Current gold making status
On the gold front i'll keep on making gold, but I wont be spending as much time on it at all since I can reach any goal by now if I decide to do it. I'll post whatever items I feel like posting. I've been a hardcore gold maker, 24/7, since early Wrath release and even if i've enjoyed it a lot and had my breaks every now and then, it feels like i'm done with the 'old' hardcore way of gold making. That's the reason raiding seems like a good way to go. I wanna see if I can bring a kind of BC feeling back into the game and the past weeks have been fun when i've been focusing on my main as well as levelling Ally Grayz and just slowly getting back to the Hunter class that I love.

Current in-game goals
  • Raid with my main as soon as my internet modem is stable.
  • Level Ally Grayz in The PuG.
  • Gain guild experience and buy heirlooms. My altitis has resurfaced. I've levelled two DK's on two realms for cross faction trading. 
Next blogging goal
  • Make an audio post. Talking is a lot easier since I have so many ideas between my posts that they get old within two days and sometimes even a few hours. By recording I can tell the story faster and also post more often. This is all in theory. Time will tell. 
Until next post; Do what's fun, have breaks and try new things.

Random screenshots
JC daily gone wrong
 Ally Grayz in some good looking gear.
She'll never look this nice again because of useless gear designers with copy/paste macros.
Ally Grayz thought she would hold her own in Vashj'ir. 
The old DBM emote was all I heard; "Run away little girl".


  1. Grats again! If you get into making audio I'd love an MP3 gold tip (or two) to play on the podcast.

    Here's to chasing the fun!

  2. @flux Thanks once again. If I get the ball rolling i'll make it happen. You and Faid sparked a few good ideas with your Youtube videos.

    For the fun!

  3. BIG GRATZ Grayz, nice to know there are a few millionaires in EU :) I'm working on it still but nearly there now

  4. @Nev Thanks, Nevvie. EU is always more hardcore :) You'll reach it in no time!

    I was so relaxed about it past 870k, so it feels as if i've reached a new level mentally. Yes, there's an anime reference embedded. Increased reiatsu ftw. Bleach was awesome before all the damn fillers!!

    *GrayzBDF has been disconnected.*