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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WoW or Gold on Summer Vacation

  • The WoW or Gold blog will be silent a month or so. I'll be on vacation and I don't have anything to write about right now. In the future i'll probably do audio a lot more and only write posts when I have topics that hold my attention long enough.
  • Had major internet issues, so the gaming side of things hasn't been as fluent lately.
  • I've added a page titled Misdirect - The WoG Audio Show. All information about the show can be found there.
  • Misdirect and everything related to it will have a different tone than the rest of the blog, so swearing, alcohol and random tangents are to be expected.
  • I use Twitter for updates, so follow me there if you want to know what i'm up to.
  • I'm off to Summerjam.

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