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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Does Being Gold Capped Make You God? Part 2

This is part two. Part one can be found here.

Gold Step 3 - My response to Power Word: Gold episode 9 (2:09:42) and the discussion about being gold capped or not
Parts of this are used in my comment as well and i've chosen to keep the format similar because I like showing things "as is". 

My thought process during the writing process (This can be skipped since it's off topic):
For me, personally, I must say that it feels nice seeing the minor tweaks that differ the comment and this post. Need to find a fellow blogger with a similar drive so that I can analyze if it works or if it just is me amusing myself. Either way i'd still do it haha. Also, i'd enjoy reading such a blog myself and i'm not scared of doing things my way, that's why this is my blog. I love it! Let's Go!

After the jump...
The gold cap discussion explains why I follow you guys with more intensity than everyone else and that is; Personality, open minds, humour and knowledge. I'll write a post on that topic cause I could go on forever, but there's 1 important thing you all missed. If i'm starting a business irl i'll make sure of two things if I want help from someone; 
  1. That the person has values that I feel gel with my own. Nothing is more important than this part alone cause I can learn the rest anyways no matter what I choose to do and with 100% certainty!
  2. That the person has reached my goal or exceeded it. The funny thing is that if the person hasn't reached my goal, but has a good view on things that person can/will easily reach it if he/she really wants to, and that fact alone can make my 2nd point invalid. 2. is the core of discussion in my opinion. Since I enjoy delving into the human mind this topic gives me limitless satisfaction thanks to all possible connections to other parts of life.
Would you ask business man A who has 1 year's experience for advice or would you ask business man B that has 3 years and is successful according to the norm? It's not about the answers, the important bits are always in the questions. Anyone can answer, but few can improve their answers over time. Static is always garbage, especially in the long run, that's why i'll go for what I feel like every time. Poseidus is more fun than reaching my 1st million right now. So is farming guild rep. Although I could've stayed in the city barking MFC's while crafting gems nonstop. Boy, would it kill me. Diversity in everything always wins it for me. A key question is "Gold capped, sure, but at what price?".  

A bold statement; The norm is usually way off course! And I do mean Way Off. Staying away from the mainstream, while being aware, is usually the safest path to success. It's not the easiest, but it's not the hardest either. This statement holds true in-game as well as in real life. Chew on that for a few seconds before moving on.

Another question that popped when I listened to episode 9; I wonder why so few "gurus" comment on the Power Word: Gold blog/podcast overall? It all makes sense when seen with open eyes. This blog is different in a way that will create three views on gold making; Gevlon's, Markco's and Flux (Euripides, Jokinee, Nev, Gimp, Chris "The sexaholic" from Addicted 2 Azeroth and Big Jimm are all in the 3rd and most interesting category). The 3rd category has the fewest players, but they're the role models i'd choose if any, but I will use the others information if/when I feel interested enough.

Gold step 4 - The Conclusion 
I choose The Power: Gold philosophy because it’s a mix of gold making theories that fit me.

Questions to discuss
·         What do you choose?
·         Are there any other alternatives?
·         Am I way off course?
·         Is there even a point in creating different philosophy standpoints?
·         Are there more gold making philosophies out there that I have missed?

So, does being gold capped make you God?
No! Reaching the gold cap doesn't mean that you are a better person than someone else. It doesn't mean that all the things you do are better than everyone else either. Your blog and services can be garbage even if you have reached 5 million gold. Quality can't be measured in the gold, only quantity can. What having 1 million gold means is is that you have spent time in-game saving enough gold to reach the cap, whether it is the old 214k cap or the 1 million cap (since Cataclysm). In all honesty nothing else can be derived from the 'status' of being gold capped except the fact that you have reached the gold cap with one or more characters on your account. And in my opinion reaching the 214k really meant something to me. I doubt reaching 1 Million will, especially after the lol-shuffle. I still buy cheap ore, but I won't prospect any until patch since I still have 1000 of rares on various toons. I bought a lot of herbs too and moving those will be worse. We'll see what I choose to do. I enjoy taking risks too.

End generalization point
·      Your most important values should be your number one guidelines in game as well as in real life when you venture into a business of any kind. 

Random screenshots
 The old gold cap. Blizz changed it a few days before this screenshot, so I had issues mailing the correct amount.

Grayz doesn’t use MFC’s because of an earlier gambling addiction. A lie of course.
Doing the seahorse quest chain here in order to begin farming Poseidus on Grayz, among other toons. He actually dinged 83.
Was about to boost good ole Wookey who returned after a years absense from WoW. Welcome back! I still hate Sunken Temple :(


  1. You present some really good points. I tend to judge people based upon personality and over all likability.

    That doesn't mean that I discount a person's information if I don't personally care for them. Good information is good even if it doesn't come in a pretty package.

    That said I do like pretty things. ;)

  2. 100% on this one, which makes sense based on your post of guidelines that you do in the future.

    Was having a chat with my boss the other day, and have discussed this with my wife, in that I view what I'm doing in game with regards to goldmaking as training for RL.

    We are currently saving for a downpayment on a new home this summer and my wife will be on maternity leave (we had our second son this morning). As such, I don't have funds for investing IRL at the moment so I am trying to ingrain in myself certain fundamental traits that will carry me forward when I do have funds to invest, which will be very soon as when weave into the new place we will sell our current place and pull out our equity.

    Based on my brief glimpse of your philosophies as I see them in the few posts I've read tonight as my wife and son sleep in this awful hospital room, I would highly recommend that you give the e-book principles by Ray Dalio a look.

    Ray, the founder of Bridgewater, which is one of the largest and most significant hedge fund companies globally, has written this book based on the principles, or guidelines, that he believes everyone should follow to be successful in their endeavors. Very applicable to investing, gold making and life.

    All the Best,