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Sunday, November 20, 2011

GrayzBDF's WoW era has come to an end

"I'm a ninja!...My style is U.F.O." (This pic is dedicated to Krieeg <Devotion>)

Well, I didn't think that i'd make a post since I didn't have a reason to, in my own opinion, but I woke up this morning and thought that'd look at my Grayz email which has been untouched for weeks. Isiliya, Guildmom of Devotion, a great friend of mine had written a mail way back in May that I had overlooked completely, so I wrote her a book filled with love. A few people have added me on Google+, another site where i'm inactive, that I check from time to time. Thanks a lot for adding me.

I've got my reasons to quit and Mists of Pandaria + Blizzards desperate money schemes are most definitely two of them. Read more after the jump...

 So, here I am. Life is a beautiful thing. It has it's ups and downs. When I decided to stop playing WoW since I kept getting bored regardless of what goals I had set, things started moving in other parts of life. That's how the pendulum of life swings; You move depending on where you put your energy. Once I stopped playing I began focusing on how to increase my passive income, how to start a business, marketing, sales and a lot more. All the things i've learned since then have moved me in a completely different direction than where I was heading while playing.

Am I angry at WoW for destroying my life? Do I have regrets? Hell no!! I played as much as I felt like and at times I was definitely more addicted than i'd admit, but i've had my share of fun and i've met a lot of nice people.

So what does the gaming future hold for Grayz? I'll be around one way or another, but I have no idea about how. One thing is for certain, i'll be focusing on building up my passive income. I have no idea if I’ll get back into gaming with the release of Diablo III, writing books about gaming or something else. Looking at this blog and skimming through my new friends @ Google+ gave me some new ideas. Ideas that could be worth taking a shot at since I’ve learned quite a bit and gotten a new angle on things. And although I want to do a lot of things at once I'll focus on the best opportunities first. With limited time it gets even harder. Time tells.

See you guys around and thanks for the support. Make sure you support the blogs and bloggers you like and write them a comment every now and then. Every single one of them is a human being and some of them deserve some appreciation, but it’s up to you who you choose to support.

With love from Sweden,
Grayz aka GrayzBDF

P.S. The Mists of Pandaria expansion doesn't excite me one bit. If I come back it will be thanks to the cheaper sub prices due to X million players leaving. The sooner the price is decreased the bigger the chance of a short return. I miss my homies! Blizz trying to milk subs for one year +  a "free" Diablo III game + and a random mount is just poor marketing scheme and a bad way to move products. It would be worth it if Diablo III cost more than 10 months worth of subscribing. Well, maybe? Or not! Just a plain ugly move.

Here's a random link to the garbage trailer. Destroy! Ahm, I mean "enjoy"....another game instead...?

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