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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Critical blogging & White Ribbons pt 1

I just read Critical Goblin's post about The Gold Queen. I'm not writing this post to defend nor attack Critical. The reason i'm writing this post is a different one; Freedom of speech. Now, freedom of speech is one of those topics were people can claim that everyone should be free to speak their mind, but not when it comes to certain things for various emotional reasons. What those things could be aren't of importance here, i've chosen another focus for this post.

Read on after the jump for my thoughts on the thin line between accusations and speaking your mind.

Before reading this post have this in mind; I support The Gold Queen a 100%. I do not spend time nor do I associate with gold bloggers just because they are bloggers, because they have x amount of readers or because we are affiliates. The number one thing I care for when it comes to a gold maker is personality. The Gold Queen has it and I respect her for it.

When Critical wrote his post he was aware of the risk of posting it. Now I can't say if he had expected more or less flaming by publishing it, but either way he did post it. Now that post is available for all to read on the internet. I never considered that The Gold Queens post could've been written by another author. My take on it was that it was a personal post from The Gold Queen. Simply writing about this scares me a little bit, since I have no idea were my brain will take this topic and how it will be received, but that's not the most important part for me. To me it's all about expressing myself and my thoughts, in other words writing my truth.

One of the reasons I felt that I should start a blog was that I felt that my take on things were different. Just looking back at my own life and how i've looked at things differently compared to most other people gave me an inner heads up when it came to blogging and gold making; I'd start a blog about WoW and gold making and i'd connect it to real life in ways that I hadn't seen anyone else do before. That is also one of the major reasons why i'm a blogger that has chosen return to the WoW community without wanting to spend any more money or time  playing the game at all...for now. I'll probably buy a sub sooner than i'd hope, but for my own good it would be awesome if I could hold it off til the subs go way down in numbers as well as in price per month. Paying for WoW does not feel as okay as it used to at all. I'd much rather donate the money for a good cause or use it to eventually build a passive income.

Right! After I had read Critical's post I felt a strong connection. And I repeat; It's not that I necessarily agree with what he's saying, but the fact that he wrote what he thought and actually went ahead and published it means a lot to me. I'm quite sure that few bloggers would dare to share such thoughts, even if they were paid a lot of money. And if they did and the post backfired they wouldn't take personal responsibility for writing the post in the first place. That's the kind of behavior that most human beings have; A behavior that I resent. When I write my posts I write what I think and I stand behind it. The reader can disagree or choose to agree, but that 's not for me to decide. The only thing I care for is writing my thoughts and hopefully find a few souls out there that can relate. That's it. To me, that is also the message Critical sends.

"They're excluded / I don't care about them / You know they don't matter to me / It's for us." -Skeme (Style Wars, 1983, 06:28)

Part two will be posted on wednesday.

Sidenote: I'm tweaking the blog a bit so if posts change structure it's because of trial and terror.

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