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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Critical blogging & White Ribbons pt 2

So why am I writing this? Why is this so important that I have to create my own posts based on what Critical has written about? Why the hell did I even begin writing this second post before I had managed to finish my comment to his post!? In what way do my posts show support for The Gold Queen? The questions are many and i'm honestly not interested in answering them at all.

Read on after the jump for my reasoning behind why Critical did the right thing by writing his post.


Critical blogging & White Ribbons pt 1 can be found here.

Important rerun:
Before reading this post have this in mind; I support The Gold Queen a 100%. I do not spend time nor do I associate with gold bloggers just because they are bloggers, because they have x amount of readers or because we are affiliates. The number one thing I care for when it comes to a gold maker is personality. The Gold Queen has it and I respect her for it.

Regardless of what topics I choose to write about i'm closer to you, Critical, than I am to someone who chooses to write about the boring and safer side of things. Anyone notice how many blogs cover the exact same topics at the exact same time? To me that's boring. I end up skipping all such posts although I can see how readers can enjoy the information, but as I said I think differently and therefore I look for alternative information while the trends switch on and off. Anyone notice how this blog moves from topic to topic without necessarily getting stuck in the trendy, and even if it would be a trendy subject, it's from an alternative angle? I could be completely wrong, but i'm merely stating my own opinion.

The success of this blog isn't tied to the amount of people that read my posts. I measure the success by how my writing evolves and how much closer I am to the goals I had prior to going live with the blog. Besides that I also measure my success with the new goals I set. And lastly are my networking goals which come down to associating with the bloggers and readers that appeal to me. That is not to say that I disrespect the rest, it just means that I know where i'm heading and that I know what kind of people I want to associate with while heading there. Some bloggers were really nice to me, and I liked them, but they got caught up in drama, so I chose to limit my active association with them. I still support them, but I have a hard time with hot heads simply because I want to associate with professional and mature people. And alcoholics of course because they have more fun (Raid Warning)! Sadly enough my personal drinking habits have changed, so recording Misdirect episodes while drinking most likely won't happen, ever...? :(

The morale of the story is; Whatever you choose to do, be you. No one else can nor will. Blogging and writing is all about finding your own unique voice. That personal tone. Most bloggers lack it. That's why Stokpile's blogging tip from "For the potential blogger" stuck with me;  

"Write how you think. Not how you speak."

Here are some people that I want to give a Big Salute to:
As a fitting outro i've chosen ACDC's "For those about to rock". 


P.S. My posts were written before I stumbled upon Critical's apology and before I knew that Markco was closely associated with The Gold Queens blog prior to the incident.

I can see why Critical wrote the apology. But i've written my reactionary posts as if there was no apology. I'm in the blogging crowd with a huge sign that says 'If it's your thoughts, stand by them!' I guess that being a part of various hated subcultures in the past has made it easier for me to be on the same side as The Hunted. It's also easy to say "do this or do that", when looking at a tough situation from the outside. Either way, I do support Critical as well as the original The Gold Queen.

Yesterday evening I checked up on Critical's blog and thought something was wrong since he had visited my blog and chosen to write a post about his positive experience. So I want to thank Critical for the sincere appreciation of my goal post and for the constructive criticism once again. I'll give shorter posts a shot after this, but it looked odd when I tried dividing this part in two.

P.S.S. Markco's an interesting personality and I don't have anything against him. It's just that he reminds me of Jay-Z; He can do something I really like as well as something I dislike, but he always has focus on the business side of things, which inspires me most of the time. I mean honestly, Markco's the very reason i'm testing red letters for the first time in a post because it stands out and he spoke about it in an interview that I read recently.

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