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Friday, December 23, 2011

WoW or Gold: Misdirect Episode 3 - Poseidus Special Part 1

This is the first episode where I try to be more focused, use show notes and stick to a topic. The first minutes stick to the random Tauren bullshit as it should, in pure Grayz style. I could be off with the minutes but skip back and forth and pray to god that you find some information about this Rare Ugly Seafuck.

After recording this I was supposed to record episode 4 and make it a Poseidus special part 2, but that plan felll apart when I got more and more bored and promptly decided to quit the game. I'm back now and my energy is refreshed, so that's why i'm posting these posts about the Misdirect Audio Show. I've said it before and i'll repeat it often; Misdirect is not a podcast. It's a slacky way for me to talk shit and put it on Youtube.

I'm using a Mac now, so the editing will take a while to learn since I use my online time as active game time as much as possible. Go figure. But episode 4 for should be official soon, since it already is recorded and uploaded.

WoW or Gold blog post about farming Poseidus:

Show notes:
• Talking about random stuff.
• Grissom, yeah dude, that Grissom (!) sets the record straight! "When you wanna go fast, go slow". Although I use a Young guns 2 picture. Awesome movie! Chavez old buddy and Arkansas Dave Muthafuckin Rudabough. Kiefer Sutherland's scared character. Pure greatness!
• Info about the rare Level 81 mob Poseidus in Vashj'ir.
• Short background story on farming Poseidus.
• Can't be arsed to actively sell the Reins of Poseidus.
• The strategy I used to cover the 5 spawn points in total. 4 in Shimmering Expanse and a 5th in Abyssal Depths.
• "He's an ugly sea horse that's that".
• The podcast Horde for Life gets some love and that leads to a sudden, dramatic break.
• Using the Sea Legs effectively. Notice how Rich Fischer (Horde for Life) has rubbed off on me here. I'm nowhere near his standard of podcasting though. He's pro!

•"This is Misdirect episode 3 and GrayzBDF signing the fuck out"

Random links of major importance (show them your support!): Horde for Life blog and podcast Raid warning podcast Power Word: Gold podcast

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