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Friday, December 23, 2011

WoW or Gold: Misdirect Episode 1

Here's the first episode that was recorded. I'm adding every episode as a blog post to make it easier to find them. I'll add a Misdirect section where every uploaded Youtube episode can be found. 

In this episode I talked about random bullshit with a bullshit mic. Don't have much else to add really. No show notes.

  • Grayz's view on Jewelcrafting prior to the vendor nerf to uncommon gems, @ patch 4.1, that got gold makers in the JMTC meetings to panic among many others. Was hilarious to see!
  • Talking about the blog and my view on gold making. 
  • Plugging Seven from Raid Warning due to my messed up voice acting.
  • The urge to record and why I choose Youtube over other podcasting alternatives. He's a lazy cow.
  • Grayz remembers a couple of hip hop experiences and talks about his love for the Radio (Soul Corner a.k.a. P3 Soul with Mats Nilesk√§r).
  • Holding the phone.
  • Bye.
100 yd range
30 sec cooldown
The current party or raid member targeted will receive the threat caused by your next damaging attack and all actions taken for 4 sec afterwards. Transferred threat is not permanent, and will fade after 30 sec.

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