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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Patch 4.3 - Blizzard suddenly returns!?

It's going down, dawg!

This post was updated over a few days, so it's all over the place, but I got what I wanted to say out there. Enjoy patch 4.3!

Before I began writing this post I had sketched on quite a few ideas, but none caught my attention long enough to become a post. I must say that it's hard to keep the story short. What I mean by that is the fact that i've gone from being completely bored of the game to feeling that the game has a fresh feel to it again, which frankly amazes me, to say the least. Why? Transmogrification in combination with 2 of the 3 new dungeons that i've run as well as the Looking for Raid tool which just excites the fuck out of me.

Here are my thoughts on why Patch 4.3 is the best content patch since 2.3 and 2.4 in TBC and ...

Yes, swearing will occur more often. It seems as if it's needed in certain posts for the sake of 'argument' and i'll randomly plug Rep grind radio for the inspiration. Another great podcast that has the approval of Grayz. It's a podcast that fits me well since it's in the same category as Raid Warning with explicit content and with a different twist. Listen to episode 17 and if you don't understand the genius behind this intro (made by
Nonmail) then I feel sorry for you. Life is meant to be a blast and this is a straight shot in the veins! No, I don't advocate drug usage i'm just a zombie that's turned my wednesday upside down.

I completely agree with Rich in Horde for Life episode 20 when he says that he complains at times, but that he gladly will change his mind if needed. And that's how I feel right now and this post is the 2nd proof of that. The 1st proof was my 'Love for the MoGG-wai' post.

The mentioned TBC patches (2.3 and 2.4) were the ones that I enjoyed the most because I could choose between so many different and fun things to do. I did the Isle of Quel'Danas dailies which had an epic event and which i've written about earlier. I missed the AQ 40 event in Vanilla, so this was my experience of a breathtaking event. I was raiding and I remember us trying to finish Black Temple with guilds like The Nefarious, Anticipation and Kink staying ahead of us. Great times! Besides dailies and raiding I had lots of fun in PvP. It was at that time I delved deeper into battlegrounds, resilience and gearing up my toons. My altitis was in full motion and alts also took up a lot of my time.
With the decreased xp needed to level after patch 2.3 I was on the roll. Leveling toons was still fun and I still had this idea that i'd get one of every class to max level which was level 70 at that time.

"When the time is right The Betrayer will become The Betrayed" -Akuma

What have I done since I came back to WoW @ Patch 4.3?
  • Transmogrified some gear the first thing I did and I really like the idea. Now that it's here I don't need to transmogrify heavily at once.
  • I've decided to do old quests on my hunter and slowly work towards Loremaster if I get completely bored of the endgame content. By seeing how The Cataclysm changed the old world i'll see more of the Cataclysm content which in many ways is focused around the 60 first levels of the game. But I must say, in Blizzard's defense, that patch 4.3 definitely brought shit straight the fuck back in line. It's scary how i've returned to my "I love Blizzard mode" which i've been away from for so many years. It's most likely one of the very few times in my life where I go from love, to loathing back to love ever.
  • Grinding before the real grind has always felt like good fun to me; When every single piece of gear matters for the sake of reaching a certain cap. Like in this case LFR has been all that my mind has been focused on, but in order to get there I had to run a few dungeons, reminded myself of Gevlon's classic post on gearing up the Goblin way and did some PvP. Now I can LFR freely, but due to irl duties i've chosen to write before I hit the sack. Come to think of it I could very well end up queing in the LFR, but the risk of long waiting times is too high, especially at night, so I won't risk it.
  • Spending gold. I've bought loads of pieces and enchants in order to pimp my hunter. Especially since I didn't run the Firelands raid. Besides, I was focusing on doing Firelands on Ally Grayz in The PuG, but that plan fell apart since my computer was and still is too sluggish. When lucky I can use my girlfriends computer and I did run LFR once (17/12) and I freaking loved it! Kills won't matter unless I wipe 20+ times, so killing bosses instantly doesn't bother me. What I do hope is to do some Heroic Dragon Soul runs this time around. I want to see what the hardest content feels like. I really looked forward to the Dragon Soul raid for the simple reason that it lacked the garbage Totc and Firelands feeling and i'm happy that I wasn't dissapointed.The way Blizzard set it up in Wyrmrest Temple I get this "Time is running out" feeling and I love it!
  • I run the dungeons every now and then. I enjoy the Illidan one a lot and I really like how Blizzard went TBC style with it. Some parts of it remind me of Shadowmoon Valley and Magister's Terrace. Neat! A word I never use. Good job, Blizz! I'll look into the 3rd and honestly I don't care too much about the names of each dungeon. I'll grind them for Therazene rep (shoulder enchant) and a possible gear piece here and there. Yes, playing two level 85 hunters on different servers definitely hurt my progress. But with 4.3 I can easily catch up on Agamaggan if I ever feel like raiding with The PuG. Actually i'm going to farm some honor while editing this post.
  • Feeling the urge to record some new Misdirect episodes. Need that new computer now! I've got some new ideas and RPR gave me a good shot in the nuts. Thanks for the inspiration, fuckers! :)
Before signing off I just have to thank Rich Fisher once again for smacking me in the head with some solid knowledge that I couldn't ignore and that led me to give Blizzard another shot and get really amped up. I can't thank you enough, Armada! Keep on doing what you do, it's truly of epic proportions.

Another important source of inspiration is Fluxdada from Powerword: Gold as well as Jokinee who's M.I.A. in the Meatbawl copy cat country, Heineken. Thanks, guys.

And lastly I have to thank Rep grind radio for bringing back that rap shit. I'll end up mailing you guys one of my tunes at one point or another.

Ah feck, I couldn't let go of my ding dong before shooting a load @ Raid Warning. Thanks for being drunk! And honestly, I still miss Brian Hough from time to time. Gotta relisten when i've caught up to all the shit I missed in my podcasting world.


  1. Great post mate, all that you just mentioned on the above post is, what make us coming back to the game.
    I was MIA also, stopped playing about 6 months ago,but twitter, Podcast,blogs and patch 4.3 where to much good things I was missing, so here I am again.

  2. Good thing that you mentioned twitter, Podcast,blogs. I completely forgot and agree. It's one hell of a community to be a part of! Weed the trash out and it's all Disco.