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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0 Plans part 1

Here's a  post that outlines some ideas that I currently have in WoW. Mists is great and that's a line i'll keep on repeating!

Done tasks
  • Geared up for raiding - Check.
  • Begin organizing my main's guild bank (not one of my personal guild banks) - Check.
  • Crafting Darkmoon Faire trinkets to sell - Check.
  • Learning all Glyphs - Check.
  • Maxxing out all Ways in Cooking - Check.
There's more that i've done and plan on doing after the jump.

  • Revered with Golden Lotus. I won't care about other factions unless I have a couple of reasons to. I won't quit WoW due to burning out doing dailies! - Check.
  • Use Living Steel cooldowns until I feel done with them. (If I ever need them for any reason I might transmute more without Mute speccing for it since the procc rate is garbage in my humble opinion.) - Check.
  • Use the Tailoring cooldowns for Imperial cloth. (Having the cloth might be useful in the future if they nerf the pattern vendors or if I level my Warlock << I got tiger blood, man>> - Check
To do in-game
  1. Make gold and share gold with my guild rather than make gold for myself. This is something new for Mists and i've never done anything like this before and I think it's the right way to go with my gold making, since it instantly adds to my motivation and it also makes sure that my gold comes to good use rather than being stockpiled and put on an epeen pedistal. Remembers Failaclysm styled gold making and reasons for making gold. It wasn't all epeen, but it was still too much about epeen. Oh, the irony of being human.
  2. Gear up for Heart of Fear (LFR) - Currently @ ilevel 469 (470).
  3. Sort out the guild bank on main guild by selling, vendoring, crafting and buying items and organizing them. This is a long-term project, so phase 1 has begun.
  4. Sell the 2/3 crafted Darkmoon Faire trinkets. One sold (to a guildie) and as I told him big chunks of the gold will be reinvested to help the guild. When all trinkets are sold i'll buy more mats and put some gold back into the guild vault. Currently i've taken out 40k and managed to add items in there worth more.
  5. Aim to raid ("consistently") with the guild at least twice every month.
  6. Do the LFR at least twice a month to gear up and to practice the basic mechanics and movements during boss fights.
  7. Try different speccs/glyphs and run the LFR or HC's in order to get used to them.
  8. Learn all JC designs with the daily cooldown.
  9. Make tons of Pandaren Banquets. This is a long-term project that will require a lot of time before i've made at least 10-20 stacks for the guild. I'm not counting on getting any help with this, but if it happens the time it will take will decrease dramatically. I'm not the kind of person that asks for help too often, though. Damn Cows have huge egos. Add a Troll main to that and you're in trouble!
  10. Give guildies cooking mats that I don't need. Sell all cooking mats that no one needs on the auction house.

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