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Sunday, November 11, 2012

WoG Brainstormz # 1 - Why a minicast, Grayz?

Hey there, people!
It's been a long time and tons of things have happened. Instead of typing it on the blog i'd rather talk about it, so come listen my minicast after the jump. /Grayz

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About me:
Twitter: Grayzbdf

First two clips were recorded on the iPhone on a windy day during my lunch break. Also, testing out Levelator while editing, so the way the sound is shaped isn't where I want it, but this is a learning curve project and as such anything can and will happen.

About the minicast:
The "WoW or Gold Brainstormz" minicast is a podcast that is related to gaming and stuff happening in real life. Since Lil’ Grayz was born my spare time has been decreased. For this reason "The WoW or Gold Podcast "that I recorded two episodes for @ September/October 2012 has been delayed significantly. Who knows if and when I choose to begin with that podcast project, which I still am adding more and more ideas too.

Knowing myself i’m counting on stumbling across new ideas, by creating this minicast, so it might turn me into other directions than where I thought I was heading. For those that have been following me on Twitter for months, this is something you’ve seen happening numerous times. So follow me, as I brainstorm way throught thew worlds of gaming and minicasting combined. I’m Grayz and i’m out. Peace!

Dailies, Raiding, Gold, Why a minicast instead of a podcast? Grayz’s WoW background, Mists is great!

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