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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0 Plans part 2

Part 1 can be found here.
  1. Maybe sell all Golden Carp to buy cooking mats that i can trade with 20x meat/fish rather than 60x. This depends a 100% on the auction house prices. Today the Golden carp prices dipped and buying and trading for Ironpaw tokens was the clear cut choice.
  2. Buy the 100 Year Soy Sauce when it's up for 300g or less so that I can spend more tokens on the other cooking materials. Gold has less value than the mats I can get from the tokens, since making the gold is easier than farming due to the lack of play time.
  3. Only do dailies when I feel like regardless of faction.

    The list goes on after the jump.
  4. Level alts, but only when I really feel like it. Currently I have 3 86's and I have no interest in leveling any alt, except for maybe the Scroll of resurrected (level 85) Warrior. Even then, i'll take it slow.
  5. Farm more JC meta designs + Spirits of harmonies with Grayz in the Kun-Lai cave that Faid from @Goclockworkriot talked about here. When I do it I do it for the designs, but getting the motes is never a bad thing. This requires time to farm and as such this will take a long time. No worries and no rush. I don't miss the JC market That much to be honest. Prices are looking a bit better across the board since fewer people are leveling JC in a fierce manner and the research leftovers seem to be less flooded.
  6. Lower the prices on my glyphs and get out using my 2nd account. I won't craft any new glyphs at all. Sell one at a time and let the supply run out for as long as it takes. Give glyphs to friends that need, if/when I hear anything about it. This will take several expansions since i'll post a couple of times a week, at most. And I won't camp my auctions.
  7. Vendor items that take too much inventory space or that take too long to sell. This category usually involves items from earlier expansions and I have multiple guild banks filled with items. One of the guild banks is on a 3rd account that I need to reactivate. The sad part is that I have 80k on a 4th account. Gah, my moneyz, my moneyz! No real rush here, but still too annoying to let it pass another month, so i'll sort it out and make sure to have a GM on my 2nd account for the "missing" guild bank before November ends.
  8. Sell Volatiles when prices are high enough. Eventually transmute Air's again without being specced for it, since making flasks is a priority for me as I want to help my guild progress @ raids. The flask proccs are also a lot more important than my own personal gold at the moment and hopefully it stays this way the entire expansion.
To do out of game
  1. Sort out a fast way to edit my minicast and still get what I want out of it. The sound @ episode 2 is probably (much) better than I expected and I might aim to keep it at that level. I'll know for sure when I try some things out.
  2. Batch edit episodes and build momentum to make the editing process more efficient.
  3. Prioritize the minicast over the game in order to regain exalted rep with my girlfriend. Yes, Mists was that bad (to parts of the relationship)! She isn't on a cooldown or anything, so we cool like dat haha.
  4. Edit Brainstormz episode 2 and upload it to Youtube. Also make a post on the blog about it - Check.
  5. Edit Brainstormz episode 3.
  6. Slow down.
  7. Record the second part of Brainstormz episode 4 - Check
  8. Record 1 or 2 more clips for Brainstormz episode 5.
  9. Decide when I should upload the Brainstormz episodes to Youtube. Maybe just mass upload in the beginning and go for a more set schedule once my optimism dies down and I need to keep on going. This is where i've failed in the past and gotten side tracked by other projects. Big Cow has many bawlz in the air!
  10. Slow dooown.
  11. Write short posts on WoW or Gold if/when I feel like I have something to say. That's the reason I can post tons during a period and suddenly go silent. This time around I hope to let you guys know when I decide to put the blog on hold. Due to the Cows big ego it's been hard admitting when my dearest plans have changed.
  12. Enjoy the incredible Mists soundtrack, make sure to have good music @ the minicast that I enjoy. Also make sure to emphasize parts of the minicast with the help of music to add a movie soundtrackish feel to it, since i've loved soundtracks since I was a Lil Grayz. Remembers Back to the future and the Young guns 2 soundtracks (Alan Silvestri!!). Even Bon Jovi had some good things going on in Young Guns 2. 
  13. Slow down.

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