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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Diary post: Oqueue, patch 5.4 and the auction house

An Oqueue overview. A must have addon for active puggers!

The Oqueue addon is pure greatness
This addon has changed the way that I play WoW completely. The past weeks I’ve killed world bosses at least 20 times. Something that would be impossible if I only tried doing it on BDF EU. With this incredible addon I can do BG’s, RBG’s, raids, legendary quests, do Monkey runs, farm the Northern Barrens and much more. This addon is great! There’s  one huge downside, it will spam your bnet friends from time to time and when that happens it’s impossible to keep a conversation going.

With this addon I can play on the level I feel comfortable with and not have to depend on my guildies or friends to be online. With my playstyle that’s closer to the anti social part of the scale this suits me perfectly because there’s no weird reasons to bring along someone or not to do it. It’s just log and play. I love it!

For my plans @ patch 5.4 and my current Auction house activity read on after the break.

I'm preparing for 5.4 in various ways. I can’t force myself to queue for LFR and to run them over and over nor do I feel like valor capping every week. During the summer holiday I’ve had a lot more time to play and I’ve got a lot of things done with my alts. But as soon as it comes to the LFR I just stop.

Flex raiding and virtual realms will be very interesting and I hope that I’ll be able to find interesting groups through Twitter that I can run raids with rather than my guild. I want to play with likeminded players and that’s so hard to do nowadays. Hardly anyone wants to put in effort. By having a much larger pool of players to play with, thanks to the virtual realms, I believe that things will become much more interesting. 

Normal mode raiding? Honestly, if I had the time I’d push for heroic mode raiding, but the way things are I’ll probably stick to flex raiding and not do anything else. Flex should give me some of that raid feeling that I lack in LFR, but never can get to feel in normal mode anymore. Raiding with new people will hopefully be something that I’ll enjoy a ton.

The Auction House
Inactive. I’ve had 7000+ of herbs in the mail that I didn’t have anywhere to store. I could've crafted something. I chose to give most of them away to my dear guildies of old, Krieeg and Isilya. Mind you, they've rerolled mains, but I prefer using their old nicknames. I have other stuff I need to get rid of, but for now The Stockpile Menace has been contained!

But you could craft... 
  • Glyphs? Sure, I already have 1000’s of those just rotting a in a guild + inks since my last stockpiling spree in Cataclysm. 
  • Healing potions? Already crafted 150+ of them and they only take 1x Green Tea Leaf each. 
  • Milling it all? No, don't have the will, nor time to mail it all and micro manage such large quantities. This is not Cata. "This is madness!" Thank god. 
  • Make DMF's? Maybe. Still involves plenty of milling. And I hardly manage to trade trinkets in time, just becuse the months fly so fast by nowadays. 
  • Cards though? Might be an option. I'll see how many SoW's I have. I've crafted 4 boa Staffs since I cba to mail them each time and I had the mats so why not?

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