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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Diary post: PvE, PvP and Brainstormz

I'm trying something new this time around. Let's see if I can stick to it even once. What it is? Writing shorter posts, on the realz. Yar. Really. Aight. Go!


Raiding's been up and down this expansion. And the reason for the downs is lack of dedication, lack of a raiding core, lack of teamwork, lack of persistence, the loot that’s available in the LFR, odd and hidden social rules in the guild that irk me and finally the increased difficulty (seen from the Wrath raiders PoV, not mine <<BC mentality for life!>>). So, to avoid future disappointment and unnecessary “drama” I’ll choose a different path for 5.4. I’m not leaving my guild, I’m just not counting on doing anything that requires effort with it.

There’s other topics after the break and they involve PvP and some thoughts about podcasting in the future.

I’ve been running BG’s a lot more and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Premades with cross realmers has been fun too and I remember one Deepwind Gorge run that was incredible since I had a great Russian priest healer (couldn’t read the name due to the symbols) that kept me alive throughout the battleground. And when I went elsewhere to defend a flag another clutch healer would save the day just as I was about to die. It was a great run. 

If my PvE plans fall apart @ patch 5.4 I’ll go hardcore into PvP by doing BG’s and RBG’s with Twitter players as well. There are some guildies I could play with, but I never understood why we’re all on RC, but hardly anyone says anything. For me, that’s a distraction, so by shutting it down I know that I’ll play better. If there’s communication possibilities, use it! If I were to find a group of players that actually know the importance of communication that will help me improve a lot. It’s not that I’m a great player, but I know how to improve and also the importance of playing with others that can make that improvement happen. “Birds of the same feather flock together”. And that's one of the reason it's pointless for me to raid with my guild, which I wrote about @ PvE.

Brainstormz, podcasts and the future beyond WoW
It’s funny, once I reach a goal it becomes so extremely hard to continue with the same focus that I had prior to reaching that specific goal. It’s not that I’ve dropped the Brainstormz project entirely. Hell, I even felt like recording another episode today, but didn’t have a topic that could energize the “Hit the record button now, you idiot!”.
I thought that the Stitcher feed was messed up, so there’s been tons of episodes missing. But after getting myself to actually email them Rachel was kind enough to sort things out for me. She’s great and if you use Stitcher and have any problems, she’ll help you out. She’s great!

Once I lose interest I lose it hard, so I have episodes that are at least one month overdue. The same problem arises with uploading episodes. I’m way behind there too. Not because I lack the time to upload them, but because it simply doesn’t mean as much. That’s the main reason for me to go for shorter posts. Hopefully that will make it easier for me to update the blog. When it comes tothose episodes I’ll try to post them at shorter intervals til I’m caught up, but honestly, I don’t edit them in a fast pace for that to be viable past episode 17. We’ll see. It’s no biggie. I’ve written that Brainstormz is a monthly podcast to lower the expectation of the pacing.

Now I just need to make sure to email Libsyn and ask them why my posts don’t get autoposted @ twitter and the blog. Something’s amiss and I’m sure it’s me not paying enough attention as usual.

Til next time, game easy and enjoy Mists or your time away from it!

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