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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Does Being Gold Capped Make You God? Part 1

This is two-part post is inspired by the very good discussion at the end of Power Word: Gold episode 009 (2:09:42). I wrote this post in order to keep my reply shorter in their podcast comments. Part two can be found here.

Gold Step 1 - Choosing Gevlon or Markco
I can tell you my own experience of reading gold blogs at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King and later on listening to podcasts that covered gold making. Gevlon was the first I remember although I know for sure that I read a few others. Markco's blog was mentioned by a lot of gold makers and they loved his stuff. I didn't. The way he wrote was too linear. The tips factored in competition in a way that I just couldn't find useful nor did it factor in server variances. Gevlon's blog didn't either, but he had an angle on gold making that just baffled me and had me hooked instantly and more importantly, it felt as if I was reading posts written by the future me in a sense.

Who's your Golden daddy? Read my theories on the different philosophies of gold making after the jump...

A few years later i've come to realize that being a Goblin was fitting for others, but not for me. I can act Goblinish at times, but I won't use that word about myself and i'd rather just be me when it comes to gold making. Since I connect gold making with irl principles I can't go a 100% Goblin cause it wouldn't fit the way i'd run my business in real life.

Gold Step 2 - I'll make gold my way
By making gold my way and being open for any new ideas that would improve my gold making experience, rather than simply looking blindly at gold per hour, i've come across a few people that have stood out. Before I came across Power Word: Gold the list was very, very short, but since Flux is doing a great job creating a relaxed philosophy based gold community, whether he realizes it or not, my list has grown rapidly. 

Another thing with gold per hour  is how similar it is to the all so boring DPS metres and Gearscore spammers. I care about DPS, but not enough to talk to a stranger about it, unless that stranger has information that I want. Gold per hour gets too static for me. I would like to know how much I made from a certain day if I have a goal to reach with a certain market, just to battle myself, but I will not, ever, care about how much gold per hour I make, simply because my pile of gold will increase unless I spend too much. And it increases fast if I post actively, so the gold making theories have been mastered to my own heart's content. Nowadays I focus a lot more about contributing things to the WoW community, trying out new ideas and having fun in new ways. 

Gold making the same way is only fun for so long. Grayz remembers farming The Isle of Quel'danas dailies on 5 toons (was good gold back then, but oh so boring after the 30th day), selling glyphs, the obsidium shuffle, crafting netherweave bags and other markets that yielded gold, but turned sour if it was done too much at once. If gold per hour was all I cared for i'd post two glyphs instead of one, but I get so bored retreiving mail, so I won't do it. Farming herbs and ore before Cataclysm XP for herbs and ore was added. I loved farming and levelling in Cataclysm since I love multitasking. The ore value was so high that I was flying most of my levelling time and i chose to farm ore as long as the profit was high enough. When it slowed down I went back to the max level mission. In Cataclysm I had 2 rules when levelling my one 85.
1. Don't rush to 85 in any way at all!
2. Don't waste any time at all levelling alts. They waste your gold and more importantly time, which = more gold losses.
3. Poseidus is the reason my alts are being "levelled". I kill other rares when I spot them and if I feel like looking for them. Burgy is the only other rare I camp cause my 3 main bankers 'need' that Gnome. I have 2/3 now on my DK and Grayz, in that order. 

 Random screenshots
 Need more mining bags. Flying solo in a Star Wars formation.
Happened while looking for Poseidus for the first kill on my DK.

 I was shuffling Elementium ore since that was the cheapest. Got bored and started selling Mysterious Fortune Cards. Inspired by Cold. I had fun barking them for a few weeks, but now I have fun elsewhere. Undercut wars. Break now.

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