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Monday, May 2, 2011

Goals - Connecting WoW to real life part 2 of 2

This post continues were the first ended.

About setting goals and achieving them? (Continued)

Let's return to topic shall we?! My only problem when I did reach the gold cap at the end of LK was that Blizzard increased the gold cap one major patch before Cataclysm, so in my eyes my plan kind of failed, although I know it didn't. The reason i'd say it failed is that if I set a goal I want to achieve that goal with the current circumstances that were there when I made the goal. I don't set a goal in January and see it as accomplished after all of the unavoidable nerfs that Blizzard do. Same thing goes for raiding. Killing The Lich King wouldn't mean anything, after all of the nerfs and especially not if I pugged the kill. I wanted him dead with my guildies (Devotion) help, no one else. I had the same problem with Kael'Thas and Lady Vashj in BC. We (Unleashed) killed Vashj after a few nerfs, but since she still was hard, in my opinion, it was okay. Kael'Thas is still breathing and laughing at me though.

Now, what do I want to say with this? Nothing really. It's just a glimpse of my thought process and how I look at the goals I set for myself, both in-game and in real life. Another example which is directly connected to this blog is how I got here. I've been listening to podcasts actively for a year or so. I've been reading blogs since the end of BC. When I got bored of my regular JC shuffIe routine, which I did hour after hour, I decided to check some websites out to get some new ideas. I didn't only visit my favorites, but i also checked out JMTC, which had changed appearance. I didn't go there often previously cause the tips on the blog didn't appeal to me at all. That has changed now since I find the site alot more interesting. One of those interesting things are the JMTC meetings that are held on friday evenings and which are open for anyone to listen to live. I listened to one of the meetings and Fluxdada's appearance left a good impression cause he said a lot of good stuff and had an interesting angle on gold making. The kind of angle that Euripides brought to Call to Auction. That appearance made me a fan of good ol' Fluxxer.

Since then i've had short Twitter conversations with him and Jokinee, two shout outs in The Power Word: Gold podcast where the last one was a pretty long segment about swedes and meatballs haha. Flux actually mentioned that I eventually would start a blog and that he was anxious to read it, which I see as a nice compliment. So, why am I writing all this? Cause if I wouldn't have had the goal most of the past weeks events most likely wouldnt have happened or it would've taken anything from weeks to months. The other thing is that many of my WoW goals are directly related to my long term real life goals. Ie. blogging is directly connected to my future plans when it comes to writing books. It's all about practice.

My goal has been 1 million since I reached 300k, but after the shuffle I haven't felt that 1 million means as much and I was thinking of increasing it to 3 or even 10 million just to make it feel impossible. It isn't, it's still just a matter of time. I kind of feel like taking a break from the AH grind on BDF though. Another thing is that I am happy that they nerfed the uncommon gems in patch 4.1, but i've come to the conclusion that the shuffle lives on. It's just that I won't keep as much stock in my banks. Shuffling feels so much easier now when I don't feel compelled to prospect as much as humanly possible. I actually paid a JC to prospect for me. I was fully aware of the risks and I did factor in a big loss of most prospected gems, just to be on the safe side. But even so, it was still worth the time, cause all that time that I saved yielded even more gold in return! Now that is some very strange profit margins right there.

Do you have any special goals in-game or in real life that are connected to WoW?

Random screenshot
Saykotr from Infernal was happy since I was undercutting @ gems.


  1. I'm glad you started blogging. It's always nice to read posts from players who are passionate and excited about not just gold-making but exploring the processes and theories of gold-making.

    Maybe we'll have to have you on the podcast at some point. Do you use skype?

  2. I almost started my wow life on BDF 'cos I have an american friend who plays but I didn't know there were US & EU servers!

    I enjoyed these posts, look forward to hearing more from you & say Yes to Flux for a guest spot on his podcast - we need more Europeans to listen to :D

  3. @flux
    Nice to hear. I'll be using the blog to mix practice with theory and use it as my diary during the different processes that i'll get into.

    @flux and Nev
    Yeah, it would be an interestnig endeavour. I have Skype although I don't use it often. Added you.

    Cool! I didn't know about that either when I started out and it was an irl friend that got me started.

    Appreciate the feedback and i'm reading your blog which I enjoy too, Nev!