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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Enchanting mats & Cross Faction Trading - Reflections

When patch 4.1 was about to hit BDF I focused on making sure that I had all markets, plus some others covered. A few of my top sellers since then have been rare gems of all kinds, especially reds and blues, As well as the Cataclysm enchanting dusts, shards and essences. Meta gems have been sold in a large quantity too.

BDF is a slow realm progression wise and many players have joined The Alliance or transferred off the server altogether. 5x Maelstrom Crystals can be found for 350g on pretty regular basis. I have a stack of Crystals and I’ve mostly used them to create Enchanted Lanterns, but when the Heavenly shards are above 60g I sell them as raw mats. Turning them into enchanting scrolls might be a viable option, but I haven’t felt like digging into that market. One of my guild banks has plenty of scrolls collecting dust and they’ll stay there until I’m motivated enough to join in on the undercut wars.

Read on for Grayz's reflections about gold making...

Inspired by Flux's post Maelstrom Crystal prices plummet in patch 4.1 - How to capitalize? I feel that it's safer to inspect the possibilities thoroughly and if there really seems to be a viable market, I’ll craft 1x scroll that uses Maelstrom Crystals, post it and see if it moves or not. Making a small investment into it wouldn’t hurt. Knowing how i've functioned in the past the Maelstrom Crystal market could very well be an opportunity for me to waste a lot of gold. For that reason i'll step back and see if there are any good angles, although I did move in before examining the risks fully. I’m just too impulsive for my own good at times, but as long as my gold total keeps on increasing I’m doing something right.

Cross Faction Arbitrage
My paranoia has lead me to not delve too deep into which items I’m selling cross faction, but hopefully that will change soon enough when I’ve gotten my larger show on the road. MMO’s really are interesting from a psychological perspective. You can’t play over a long period of time without your personality showing one way or the other.

I traded 2k with a player from Horde to Alliance 2 weeks ago and he had a friend that was interested in having a trading partnership, but after he said that we should pay 10% for our earnings from the opposite faction I backed down. We haven’t spoken since then and I wouldn’t mind trading 100k, but since it has been a week since we spoke, I doubt it will happen. So I’ve done things my way, learned as I’ve gone and so far it’s been profitable.

A very good source for cross faction trading is Episode 3 of the The Power Word: Gold where Fluxdada does an interview with Jokinee. It's a classic episode that i'll return at times when I need to be reminded of some fundamental basics of gold making that I tend to forget when I get too involved in a market or two. 

When I was listenening to the Addicted 2 Azeroth podcast for the first time they talked about the rush you can get when buying and selling items on the Auction House. I have never really thought of the rush when it comes to auctioneering although I know that I’ve felt it and faction trading definitely adds to the thrill of the hunt. The one hunt. The hunt for gold.   

Random screenshots
It's been a tiresome week. I emo.

I had a break from the tideous shuffling pre patch 4.1, was barking MFC's and some random guy named "Unknowhunter" tells me that i'm desperate.

Random tweet by me while levelling my drinking skills
alcohol is bad. increase the dosage to reap the benifits...after the hangover. WoW or Gold.. we stay to true to it all.. WoW...Beer and Gold

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